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Photo: Choosing to remember the good

Have you ever wondered how much criticism or, in other words, judgement celebrities are taking?

I have, perhaps since my childhood idol was Michael Jackson, and all these years everything that was ever written about him was abusive or tremendously negative. Leaving aside the horror news that came out about him just a couple of years ago — my dad was always right about that part about him, unfortunately. Haha, if he only knew that a few years on, I would have started listening to Nirvana, Hip — Hop and come home with a boyfriend with long hair. Children most certainly bring things to their parents’ awareness that they do not understand, or they have great judgment. Well, he had to reassess his ideas, and he really did.

I was teased quite a lot about liking MJ. I never cared. I knew that secretly everyone listened to his music anyway. I was lucky enough to see his concert just before he left the arena.

Whatever was written about him, it never changed my point of view about his genius music, If anything, it grew sympathy in me. Growing up witnessing this kind of public abuse as a ‘normal’ thing probably changed me forever. I do not have any nerve to injustice. Since it cuts me sharp, I still get that (attract) in my own life, lesson to learn; let go and ease up.

What if, before judging celebrities or anyone, think for a moment; What was their childhood like? Quite many are raised by their parents to generate business income, profit for the family, or parents living out their own dreams through them, etc. Some have had no childhood; they have been working since they were little, carrying responsibility no child should carry, and all the normal stupid things happened, happened under the public eye.

Do they get paid too much? Think again!

What is the value of the song you hear or the movie you see on that day, at the right time in the right place?

It might change the whole trajectory of your day and, consequently, life. So, what is the value of it to you? Can you put a price tag on it? Interesting, the same words I would write about the Bars session.

The level of vulnerability that artists are willing to be…. Not many are up for it.

They have exactly so much more that something that “normal” people are not willing to be, have or receive. They are willing to receive the good and the bad on another level and that sets them apart from ‘normal mortals.’

They really are willing to be and receive; is it judgement, applause or money.

I spent my 20s among local celebrities, artists, and I saw that closely, and I cannot imagine how they should trust anyone really, or actually they can’t, and no one can really. We can only trust ourselves — how we feel about anything or anyone, and if it’s a green light, then that’s what it is. I also worked with very high officials, diplomats and ministers, and enormously rich ones here in Australia. Therefore, I have no sense of fear of meeting anyone with any status. There was an exception though, once when I ran off, blushing and grasping air into my lungs, 2 y ago here in Australia🙂. Well, it had never happened to me before or after. Actually, something added to that just recently, but, can I trust myself if I was right; my gut says I was, masks aren’t helping. Will I ever know? The truth is I rarely notice people around me. Normally you have to yell hello into my face or grab me. My friends know that.

However, my perception is, always has been that no matter someone’s status, everyone is a human first and all the roles in society come second. As a matter of fact, often times they are willing to be more who they are than many others.

Doesn’t mean I am starting conversations with strangers though, although I am always happy if someone does that.

There have been suicides among celebrities/ famous people that never shouldn’t happen.

I can see how being on top of the world they wonder is that it? I have got everything I’ve ever asked for and now I do not even want it anymore. This happens, especially if people follow the path that has been designed for them by someone else, parents or managers or anything other than following their own knowing/inspiration.

This is the result of motivated action – stuckness, glass ceiling, emptiness.

How about inspired action? That doesn’t define the destination (doesn’t mean you do not have a target), or the structure. This is an ongoing creation, as every next step gets created from the moment of inspiration.

There’s always something else possible, even if you can’t get your brain around it, and you do not need to.

You would think you have to have the guts to live like that, but is it true? We have lost trust within ourselves; that’s why it feels like that. What would it be like to take that the one, first inspired (easy, fun, joyful) step without knowing where it will lead you by trusting yourself that all works out for you? Exiting!!! Isn’t it?

Many famous people, who are willing to have quite public life, bring much light into many people’s lives with the art they’re creating, is it acting or singing or painting or whatever form of expressing the greatest vulnerability that they truly are, lifting up our emotions and contributing to our everyday lives. What if we start contributing towards them by having kind thoughts about them? Especially in times like this. I can’t tell how much I miss live music, and at this point I couldn’t attend anything anyway. What would it take to change that? Everything that doesn’t allow that d&u.

The most important relationship is between you and you first (you have to live with yourself with the rest of your life), no matter what the rest of the world thinks. Therefore, with everything in life you could ask, is it me being me when making this choice (or is it someone else’s point of view I have taken as mine; how I should live my life? (Like what my friends do, parents did, everyone at this age does etc)?

What if you embody the superstar that you truly are the way You are and become a contribution to you and to so many others?

What would it be like if you come out of hiding?

What would it be like to be you without the fear of failing?

I am sure you’ve had moments in your life. What if you had more of these, being the superstar of your own life?

Is it with fame or without fame; it doesn’t matter as you choose what works for you!

Isn’t it about choosing more, messing up more and consecutively living your life, loving your life; enjoying your life — not having the life? This last one sounds like death already. In other words, what if you stopped getting everything right; then what else could be possible?

What if you showed up for yourself?

In Access there is a saying for every judgement you receive, you will get $5000 and every judgement you can’t take you lose $10 000. No one hasn’t been able to explain, what it means. In my mind this story above about famous people that are able to receive more judgement; get more money resonates with this claim.

I will get quite a bit for this photo and persona illustrated here, and will take it, and the money! 🙂