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Unconditional Love: Beyond the Conditions and Expectations – Happy Valentine’s Day

We used to think I love you because….there is a list of why; you are kind, beautiful, thoughtful, smart etc. These are only some conditions that you say you love somebody for, and also these are the conditions that change from time to time, moment to moment. No one stays the same. Humans evolve continually.

Isn’t it exhausting to keep up with loving and not loving because there will be moments of unkindness, stupidity, some not so beautiful ones?

I love you but…everything that comes after But is a lie. Isn’t it nice to know that? It’s irrelevant what comes after the But…There are no buts in your inner being, meaning you always Know in the core of you. Truth?

Loving for no reason, you cannot pinpoint why or for what reason, impossible to explain, at times insane – you are loving unconditionally. Defence explanation or justification is nowhere to be found.

But…? lol

Recently I heard from a podcast: ‘I love loving you and the feeling responded will be irrelevant, that is unconditional love.’ It made me think…and ask, really?

I would like to explore that because I know there’s truth in it. It takes away the responsibility and pressure from you or from the other to make them happy, because you love them anyway, isn’t it? That is freeing, everyone is responsible for their own happiness. There’s is no blame, no game, and 2 people loving each other anyway!

So, there is no heartbreak then? Interesting…actually the truth in it as a lot of the time, the only thing that gets broken is ego.

It all makes more sense than ‘love yourself first,’ as no one hasn’t really delivered how to do that.

It is kind of miracle when 2 of these meet, and rare. 2 lovings meet for 🥰 loving. I recently discovered talks about twin flame, and many other kinds of soul contracts we have, quite fascinating!

Would you invite that into your world?

Most of us have been taught to walk away from our guidance system, and then the universe tries to help out by sending people or info on our way, that we ignore most of the time.

Do you trust you know what your happy is?

Often people think they get what they see, kind of they have defined you in their mind. You look pretty cute, have a good job, education, family, that’s good enough. You ticked their boxes. It’s like hitting a wall. You can sense their narrow-minded arrogant point of view about you, and you can see how easily you could disappoint them by not acting according to their expectations.

What if you didn’t have to cut off parts of yourself to be loved?

The most beautiful thing is that has not accrued yet, things about to discover about the person that aren’t apparent, that not everyone can see, and the other willing to be the same, effortlessly, playfully. Being in the question.

What if you were the loving Space for the other while they can be that for you?

If you already have that then: What if you’re letting the magic of this cocreationship revile you that you didn’t even know was possible with it?

And yet it could be different for you, as that’s my point of view here.

Once, my bars client asked me if I believed she’s not able to love. My answer was, not possible, your loving hasn’t met your loving just yet. 

If you have someone in your world, then go and speak up. I doubt you will die happy if you don’t, life is short! Unless you are a Cancerian that takes 4 steps back instead lol

If your loving is already with you, take good care of it, nothing takes care of itself! Where you put your energy can get greater.

There is so much more to say and yet there’s already too many words.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

PS where I am from this day is also celebrated as Friend’s Day, so celebration either way.

What is possible now that you haven’t even considered possible?

And, question from yesterday’s movie I watched: ‘If you sit in the question long enough, the answer will find you (from ‘Marry Me’), most of the time I prefer movies with a little bit more unpredictable scenarios.’The In Between’ was sweet.

With a different point of view,

from my exploration expedition