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Men & Women


I had one of those today, a horrible horrible morning.

My body was still tired, despite sleeping quite well. I had a little cry before going to work. I was exhausted, and nothing seemed to work out.

I have to reconsider my job that I am doing, I am not sure if I’m strong enough for that, and if I am going to go back to office, means I will lose my head space, because I will sell it to somebody else. So, there is a dilemma…how to move forward…? Is there a job out there that involves lots of great music, travelling, and sunshine?

Yesterday I sent off my International Women’s Day article and it got declined, which is fair from the magazine’s perspective. They have to take into account what their readers want to see there. And that made me question, if anyone is ready to receive what I have to say?

My post was about gender roles, about men and women. I translated some pieces from the book, and that text was quite brutal. And let’s be honest, who wants to look in the mirror…be aware? These books have described every health condition that exists, and explain the thought, the energy that led to that.

It’s basically acknowledging that you have illness as a consequence of your own distorted thinking, while at the same time gives you the root cause, understanding why you have it in the first place. If I relied only on medicine — according to that, I would be dead twice now. I read all these 7 books one by one accordingly how they were released and written. I was a teenager reading these, and I wasn’t a reader at school. I read one compulsory book ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ and I almost died of boredom reading it, never repeated that mistake again. 🙂 Sorry, if that was your favourite book!

Basically, what I said was I do not see why women want to man up if they literally are women. There are some things that men get done easily where’s women have to go overboard to get these same things done. I sure am guilty as well. Women wanting to manage everything, including men’s stuff, leaves them less time to be in their own feminine role and that leads to possibly malfunction or illnesses in female organs. That also happens by hating men (colleague, dad, partner, brother).

My perception of the last few years is that man is the enemy number one, because he is a man, and he is to blame for everything that ever happened to women, even though all the abuse towards women done in history is not so much the doing of the current generations of men. And I am not favouring men. My own dad was brutal and harsh to me, but I know why was that, and I know he thought he knew what he was doing, and there was mom’s part in it. And, still I have the best parents ever anyway. I am going to write more about it in the parents’ chapter.

All the promotion of women powering up (sometimes against men). How does that help to find any kind of balance in the family, society or country?

One is not more important than the other. Man is the head; woman the neck, so which one is more important? Neck turns head…

Women have a power that lies in a totally different place than men’s power. I know what you’re thinking; it’s not that.

The point was that, by keeping up the fight, we get more fights. In history, men did wrong to women, and by giving revenge, there will be another decade or couple of fighting.

What if there is another way? Without the blame game way.

Maybe everything is over thought?

Maybe it’s that simple; everyone’s doing, being what they came to be here, and the rest sorts out itself.

What if being a woman means you do not have to put unhumain effort in to be one? What if you do not have to prove that you get done all the things men do; what would that create? What if being a woman is exactly what it means to you; that is easy and without a fight for or against?

What if you lose all the expectations, separations judgements about being a woman?

I might end up alone with my points of views like this…I am just…let’s hope I will be accompanied with money at least😀 (remember, every judgement you’re willing to receive you’ll get 5000; welll, what if we stretch it to 50 000 this time? I could get my Audi Sports back.

The day ended well; my bank called me… I’ve got justice. Miracles happen. I wanted to melt into the ground. I couldn’t believe it; gratitude took over…

How can it get better?

What would it take to have willingness to get awareness in it?

Hey ladies; what if you could woman up instead of man up?


Happy International Woman’s Day!

Take care; all the ladies who are willing to be and everyone who’s willing to hear!

Celebrate, it is much easier than you thought it was! Xx

Doctor: Any pre-existing conditions? I am a woman (Amy Schumer in ‘Life & Beth’, can’t wait for the movie to come out).