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Navigating Diversity: Unpacking a Critical Facebook Comment on International Women’s Day

This is a comment I received on Facebook for the International Women’s Day post:

Reena Terreping; Your article is a total generalization and accounts nothing for individual character and the strengths/weaknesses of each person. It’s utterly gender biased. You are missing the entire point of women’s liberation and supporting misogynist views. Let alone the liberation of men who would, by nature, be more suited for a different box than you’re offering. How disappointing of you and why would you think people would be interested in your outdated and harmful opinions. You’re just a woman after all. You’d best go back to pressing your man’s shirts and planning a perfectly fake home environment for him. I only hope you have no children for your upbringing of them in this way, will leave them highly unprepared for today’s world. They will not thank you for that. Nor will their future partners.

That piece of comment here tells me more than I would like to know about her and it’s much uglier than the comment. I checked her profile. She is somewhere around her 60s, pretty well established so to say. You wouldn’t think people at that age could be publicly so rude.

The idea she got from it… Hope you didn’t understand it this way.

I am going to the core of things, as otherwise the posts would be too long to explain everything. And at the same time, I did iron my dad’s shirts for the first time I was 11 when my mom was at the hospital after head surgery and I have done it in some other cases:), so I’m not sure what’s so wrong with that and I do cook sometimes and clean; oh that’s totally wrong these days is it? I have done a lot of things, got 2 uni degrees, worked at some interesting places, loved watching basketball, travelled a little. The list is endless, and all that doesn’t define who I am. These have been my choices, some good ones some not, but I do not blame anyone else for these. That’s why I do not have ‘about me’ on the website. What would I say or leave out? I will keep on going, doing and being as long as I am here.

I do not have children. I was 21 when I decided this world is not good enough for my precious child; and so far this world hasn’t proved otherwise, and I can change my mind anytime. However, if you have any leftovers, I am very happy to have them bring them on, under 5s preferred. Up until 5, because after that they do not have fun questions anymore, they have figured out all this here on planet Earth.

In my own relationships everyone has always done everything. Who has time or knows the other will be tired contributes, so actually I haven’t split anything to my tasks and/or his tasks. I assume everyone has a good will to be there for each other without making fuzz out of anything. At the end of the day, two people agree on something that’s all that is required to create their reality. No one else has to agree with it, approve it or understand it.

Like I’ve said before take what resonates, leave out what’s not. Everything has it’s time to be received.

Also, I have noticed the lady from my previous post, she has the same views of points that I do and she represents everything in a really fun way, try her if you would like to get awareness in whatever subject. Hope that helps!