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Access Bars – now that Gwyneth Paltrow has mentioned it

People in the states have started to look up for Access Bars practitioners because Gwyneth Paltrow had mentioned the process somewhere. Who would be an Australian celebrity that could mention the process to gain more interest in it on our continent and get more people into ease as a consequence?

Why Access Bars? Because of the practical Access Bars process, and because this process works. Read more about it: or here

I have known Access Bars since 2012 when I learned the process, until 3 years ago, I got committed to get my Bars run weekly, no matter where I had to go. So, there was no one in the city to swap the process with. I had to travel 2h by train to get there and 2 hours back; so it took me a better half of the day, but gave me so much more than that. The place was in the countryside; the hills, the horses, the rabbits, wallabies, greenery, Quiet, my own delightful thoughts while in the train. A mini destination trip without expectations that anything special should come out of it.

In the modality, there are also access telecalls and podcasts provided that include verbal facilitation. Sometimes you can’t follow words that’s been said with your logical mind, but then you follow the energy of these words that works as good. Just like with the physical process Access Bars, you cannot explain it but you feel lighter afterwards, you feel you have more of you, no judgement of yourself or anything, brighter colours, calmer mind, happy, overall lightness within. For me it’s the quietness in me that takes me to joy, and enthusiasm and clearer thoughts as well as inspiration. Kind of the same thing does music for me.

I did start to listen to the access calls and swap bars more often, and perhaps a year later I realised that I found out how my laugh actually sounds. Despite of all life challenges, I had become more joyful, fun, relaxed, the person I actually am. The unlearnt (‘must have’) seriousness of life, winging over the little things and negative thought patterns had reduced significantly as well as the question I always had bothering me: What am I here for? I still do not know, but it doesn’t bother me to the degree I do not want to stay.

I know that much I’ve suffered quite a lot (mostly because of overactive mind, making myself wrong for many things mostly for not going along with what everyone else does or thinks), I wouldn’t want anyone to go through that, if I can help a person with being in this world in their own power that’s my joy!

I have identified surly what is my joy, I have no idea how or if that ever happens to me to have a lot of that, but knowing is a step forward. PS often times it’s something you’ve always known but haven’t allowed/afford yourself to think of.

As a consequence of a lot of practice of Access Bars, I started feeling, perceiving the energy flow in my hands (it’s there for everyone, it’s a matter of starting to notice that comes with the practice to most), and seeing the faces of people after the session was all that convinced me to keep on going.

In access, there are theories somewhat contradictory, and I do not have the same point of views in some things. However, I take what works for me, do the same. I always refer to the sources inspired me in my writings if you want to go and find more info you can do it.

Words are the same but the way everyone represents them is different, and in so many times it makes a difference how and with what kind of energy it has been delivered.

We all have seen these words somewhere before, but these words haven’t spoken to us. And, then one day you read these same words, presented by somebody who’s energy speaks to you, and you’ll get it, and it feels wonderful, as you recognise you aren’t alone with this thought you have.

What if you find what or who speaks to you? Sometimes it’s a nature, or art or a song or a piece of writing by a stranger that shows kindness or something new that’s never been in this world before.

Are you willing to commit to get into happier version of you? What would that be like? Do you know?

What if you choose what actually works for you now? What is light for you to choose?

Sometimes you do not know, you just go for some things, and these turn out to be the best things.


With gratitude for you