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Photo: to get attention lol

However, butt energetically carries the energy of your past. There also lives everything concerning your personal economic issues or non-issues, your materialistic world view, childhood. How you describe your butt the same way you describe your past as well as the economic situation. So, what would you say?

But is a split energy. You say I would love to have that in my life, But…You are asking and not letting it in.

If you desire something and you have a split energy, it takes much longer to receive it. Meaning, if in doubt, first leave yourself the time to get into knowing (clarity) first, line up the energy. It’s not doing anything, it’s letting go of resistance.

Wanting it and doubting it – split energy.

Should I or shouldn’t I?

Wanting and not believing I can have it.


Usually, you resist things you think you know and do not want to be true or doubt are true or aren’t true for you. However, do you actually have the info? If you resist something, it’s not true for you. (Remember light and heavy). You never have all the info to sort it out, and you do not have to have that. If there is someone involved, you can ask questions directly if not you can ask questions around the topic until you get into the lightness. What is true for you?

In Access it’s said that everything that comes after but is a lie.

What if you leave out everything you want to say after the but? You instantly create completely different energy.

Now, think about it, of your Wish….and stop before going into but!

…are you smiling? 🙂

Unloaded the burden of a doubt?

What is light is true for you. That is the new starting point. That’s all you have to know, no need to sort out or control other people’s perceptions, expectations or judgements or even see the logic in it on your own at this point. Allow yourself to be there, where’s no doubt.

What would it be like to have clarity in every area of your life? What would that be like?

No doubts!  What ease would that be like?


With love