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Photo; Somewhere on the Sunshine Coast, Foundation Class 2 years ago.

I went to Shannon O’Hara’s seminar about relationships (‘Why are you doing relationships for?’), relationships between all the people in life. But manly questions asked were about romantic ones. More about her and her classes if you wish; (

Interestingly, she said these are the most unpopular classes she has. I am always interested in unpopular until it gets popular. 🙂

The 2-hour session blew my mind, had many very joyful recognitions as the lady had some of the same points of views of men and women that I have. It’s always great to learn that although I know we shouldn’t look for agreements or sameness from anywhere as that could lead us away from our own knowing.

A few statements and questions if you like:

Are there unspoken expectations? It is a big one.

A successful relationship for you is unique to you.

Is the other person interested in you?

Relationships can destroy you or create worlds.

Are you including you in relationships? Or giving up parts of you in order to be in one?

If you have to give up parts of yourself, then you are not in a conscious relationship.

Do not judge yourself.

What would it take for people who actually want what I have to offer to show up?

How much pain this person is going to cost me?🤭

Most people are going to autopilots once they’ve gotten into relationships. Meaning they think that’s the end, and they do not have to do or create anything anymore.

What am I avoiding and defending having or not having this relationship?

What are you making real and true that is not?

Is it including me?

No conclusions.

What is your question for me? Sounds like you have already concluded everything.

 Additionally, some questions from another facilitator Ashlee Rose ( to soften the topic;

What can you create with this person that you could never create apart?

What if you never had to cut off bits and pieces of you in any relationship?

What if it is not what you have in common in relationship, but what you can create that is actually valuable?

What if relationship wasn’t about fantasy, but what you can create together that you could never create apart?

Can you feel the space it takes you to? Most of the questions you do not know the answers to. The space that the question creates; there are the possibilities that are on their way to you that you have never considered possible before.

There was not love included in these conversations…and it made all of it playful and easy. Isn’t that interesting?

For me there is a dilemma. Everything is about love in life; …cannot see me giving up that part of me.

However, I got very interested in what else she has to say, and most likely sign up with her class at some point.