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Photo; 2 years ago, at the start of Covid I wrote; Age-appropriate photo, is it?:) About 6 Fridays me and Nat have been going roller skating or rather learning it. I can stand up already.:) Every shopping center has a birthday week. So, I decided to have 2 this year, lol. We went costume shopping yesterday and bought a tutu. Skating by the river and a big road. Loved the smiles we got on the way☺️

I had 77 sweet comments on FB on that, and one from my childhood friend. That was ironic, indicating is it age appropriate? It came from a person who has not lived much life herself (my point of view). Funny to think even now how upset I was.

Reminder, people who are judging you have no place in your life. If you fire everyone from your life today, who would you hire back? For me, it happened naturally as I moved to another continent. What a relief.:) And I have absolutely wonderful relatives with the exception of one narcissist — They know who they are; however, that is a medical condition that makes it completely acceptable, right? 🙂

Even people who wish you well can be burden with their limited world view and their point of view they have of you, as it has said it is only a Point of view, tiny view that they have of you, and it keeps changing accordingly to their judgement of you! That scrapes your wings and keeps you in the box or in constant state of fight against it if you let it happen.

Think of so many successful people who knew that they do not want to live their lives like their families or everyone else did. They moved overseas even slept in the cars or did whatever to make their own life to happen the way they wanted.

You know you and what you and your life have to be like.

Some 20-year-olds have lived more life than a few live in their lifetime. Some maybe live longer but have had so much less living.

Age has made so significant in this world, but is it really?

Have you had that:

Where is your boyfriend or if you are a dude; where is your girlfriend? You are 21. Where is your boyfriend/girlfriend you are 23? Where is your boyfriend/girlfriend you are 25…? You are 27 and you have a boyfriend!!!! 🙂

And he is 22??? 🙁

You are 30. Where is your husband, children, house, career?


If you are there now, please know, nothing is wrong! Not everyone has to Try all these ‘casual relationships’, no judgement, for sure. It again varies by person what they choose. I can’t think of sharing myself for many people as I am investing in connections, and if I had not done that then I would pick up pieces of me the rest of my life as so many do. Although, I have invested emotionally in people who really didn’t require or ask or perhaps didn’t want it and I still had to pick up pieces of myself, as I’d like to think I do not invest randomly. That is my lesson learned. I was accused being selective in terms who I am connecting with when was younger, and could not be more grateful for myself for that. Sure, you have examples in your life where you think back and are grateful for yourself. Think of these moments often in order to create more of this energy (positive momentum) in your life.

However, all this people asking you these questions, do they have a great life, relationship e.g. your parents, did they have a perfect relationship? My cousin said at one point, I was in early twenties, I have 3 boyfriends and you have non; …I was thinking yes, well… I rather have non-than what that is whatever it is…of yours.

Do any of them have anything that you know you want on that matter? If you do, then – are you lacking imagination? 😀

Do any of them have anything that you know you want? Truly? Or… do you actually know that you create greater for yourself? (not better in the meaning of better than others but better for you). What do you know is possible for you?

What is that you know is possible with your life and even beyond what you can think of?

I used to look a lot younger than I was.

My experience was all this time, how little respect people give you if they think you are young (in the shops, at the workplaces etc); therefore, even if I was as young as they thought I was, why wouldn’t you respect young people? Where is it coming from?

Then old people are complaining that young people do not respect them, and where would they learn that from? They themselves have not given any.

There is so much to learn from children and/or younger people. They bring new awareness’s into your life with ease, you have a choice if you take it on board or try to fight it, or prove your rightness over theirs.

I happened to see a clip from an Ellen show where Deepak Chopra just had turned 75 years old and he said this next quarter he aims to find out his true self…

I was quite surprised! I have been doing it since I was 19. The other 3 things he said he has done, do not remember what these were; but I was thinking I am doing everything in the opposite order.:), what else is new. I am a bad student.:)

What if you have your timing, and you trust it, and if you do not, trust the Universe or God or Source, all good with all of these, if you can see that these are not something outside of you but within you. Otherwise, you put conditions of your success/happiness outside of you on someone or something else. Giving up your responsibility of yourself to God, Universe, or Source. Often, I still thank God and the Universe instead of thinking I made the choice.

Age; is it significant? Depends on the Point of view you have on it! 😜

Ps is your clock ticking? What if you turned it off for a moment? What if here’s no time, it’s just another made up limiting construct? If you’re getting awareness of that Then what’s possible?