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Photo: National park somewhere in Byron Bay


It got one year of this website on the 29th of September.

A lot has happened and changed since then, and even more is going to change.

The website name is a bit weird, with a ‘website’ at the end. About a year before launching the website I googled if was available, and all the other versions of it; then 6 months later when I was going to pursue it (, the price was generated to that; I think it was couple or a few thousand dollars. So, that’s the way to make money. I wasn’t going to pay for my own idea. Walkwithme because I walk a Lot, I always have. It somehow creates space within.

However, I stop trying to explain myself to the ones who never understand. I have realised that the point from everyone creates their lives is unimaginably different. The drama and trauma…the scale of it, I wasn’t aware before or rather I should say anymore.

I have done quite a bit of reaction, proving and defending in my writings so far, as I have managed to find some trigger persons or had some in the past. However, it took a couple of decades to cut them off, I am going to be more decisive in the future or actually rather do not attract these anymore.

Like intention set at the beginning, I am going to offer different point of view on everything in life and living, and if you can find a different angle to look at your life; that is awesome or it helps you to get interested in what is outside the box (the box of drama and trauma), then it serves the purpose. As said many times before, take what resonates, as this is what you are ready to receive and makes you wonder; what else?

Since a year ago, my throat has got a lot better; I do not have any soreness basically since I started writing here. Have a look at the post ‘Tonsils — Communication, repressed feelings’ and Healy analysis where I talk about it.  (Tonsils — Communication, repressed feelings) That’s where was my starting point not only for this website but for my health on that matter. I have some awareness what should I do or be next and have no idea how to get there. What would it take it to come with ease and joy? Etitagwdauci

Oh, I got exited now, how can it get better and what else is possible now?

I am aiming to do less reaction this year, reaction to life and people. I’m not actually really doing it in real life anymore but for some reason I had to write some out of me; maybe some of you benefited from that anyway. However, I will do some more for entertainment purposes. Lol.

Questions for myself and gratitude to Dr Dain Heer for these! I am sure they will let me know if it’s not ok to print some of their questions here.

Find his podcasts here, especially if you are not the person who is happy to meditate, his way of verbal facilitation moves mountains. I am one of these.:) mountain with Roots, especially hard case.

Wow, If I would get paid every time, I promote here somebody; I would be rich already.


When reacting to somebody or something: Whose reality am I validating here?

You hope you create a different possibility for someone who has no desire for a different possibility. How much are you trying to change someone’s reality? Trying to relieve their pain and suffering without them wanting to change it? Everything that is…

Who am I still making wrong with the choices I am making in the life that I am choosing?

What else can I ask here that would create change?

Appreciate you being here!♥️

Sending greetings to USA (there is still a car trip that I want to do around America), greetings to: Australia, Estonia, China, Ireland, France, Sweden, Finland, Russia and Fiji (I am from a small island originally and will certainly want to visit yours as well), Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Bulgaria, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, American Samoa, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Mexico.

I have been to a few of these. What would it be like to visit all these amazing places and people?

Thanks guys!

Photos below: Healy: Interpretation and analyses