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Would you take advice from anyone that has nothing good to say about their past relationships or current one? (Maybe your mom or dad). And if you can’t find kind words for your own past relationships, then are you ready to move on? If you can’t find anything kind to say then quite likely you are going to create mess with a different person, because you haven’t healed/learned something in you just yet. It was cocreation and you yourself chose it.

They were so mean to you — relationship, it’s energy it’s cocreation it is a two-way street. It makes you ask how I created it, but how is not a productive question here or necessary.

Of course, there are different reasons why it is your ex.

Life causes you to ask more, moving forward, and if the direction or focus is different for you two it is time to go in separate ways. It is vital to understand that there is no one to blame; you attracted it and take it as a lesson learned. If you can’t forgive, do not talk about it or just say: ‘It was what it was’, not to add any emotions to that. A grudge is a lot to carry and takes a lot of energy. Waste of energy and waste of time; keeping you stuck.

Some people get shaped by their past experience — the more relationships or more painful ones, the more definitions and conclusions, doubts, or no trust about potential new partners; hence, they are not ready to receive or see or recognize love, they choose comfort, sureness, security instead. Yes, love is for the brave ones, and yet there are options too. Choice is a choice.

Love is comfort, sureness and, also it is a creation and not definable;— therefore they rather dismiss it, in a fear of a failure, fear of getting hurt again. Is failure actually possible here, or is it just life?

There are so many more thoughts of the ways everything can go wrong where’s the person who hasn’t had that many relationships in their life do not think these thoughts. That’s why it is said if you did not have a past; what would you choose?

I haven’t had many relationships and also my partners didn’t have baggage; therefore, I can see how different is the point where everyone is creating their relationship from.

Some do relationships like a career; through goal setting getting the woman/man, the marriage etc, the house, children – that wears out pretty fast; the satisfaction from the goal set tends to be short term, where’s inspired action is ever going/flowing.

The behavior could have been learned from parents who emphasized the importance of money and career over loving relationships. Choosing certainty over unknown uncontrollable sometimes uncomfortable.

What if both are possible? What about creating together career and wealth while in a loving relationship is much more fun than choosing one over another?

Do you have to do proving and defending to someone that you love them? Or they have to do proving and defending that they love you? Will you/they ever get it done? Probably not. The question is do you want to live your life proving and defending? What if there is something else possible?

What if the past relationship (s) were not wrong? What if it was just so you could find out what you actually wanted? Life causes you to ask more.

What if you ask instead; what did I learn from it; what did I found out about myself? What if this previous relationship brought you closer to the one that you actually have always wanted? It brought you closer to an alignment who you are and imagine cocreating with someone that is aligned to themselves; what if it is a powerhouse, ease and joy and magic?

And what if it’s something that has never been before? (So, you would stop looking for references from this reality).

What is your reality with relationships, and what would it take to be receiving it?

What if you have never been wrong in terms of relationships?

What if you appreciate the old relationship and get exited what’s coming now that you know more?

Are you ready to receive and recognize what’s possible for you?


Quiz just for fun

What is your love language?

I was surprised about my score, or maybe I wasn’t lol. However, one score was much higher than the others, and the rest were pretty much equal.

Wouldn’t know that gifts can be such a big part of it, that you put that into the relationship quiz, hm interesting. I guess I’m in denial here.

You will discover what is your primary love language, is it: receiving gifts, physical touch, words of affirmations, quality time, or acts of service.

Have fun! 🙂