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To be or not to be?

To be or not to be? Christmas coming up can sometimes be a stressful time. What if you invite the change this year instead of stressing?

This morning I had a conversation with a beautiful person. He said he doesn’t see any point to be here (not from suicidal point of view but philosophical), put effort in anything as soon it will be over anyway and feels that it’s just a random stop where has stepped off, now waiting to get it over already to get to the real thing; that is something else the next thing…or life.

I can see where he is coming from; I was there not so long ago myself; this question had been with me for all my life before that, and now it’s gone.

So, what did I do? I got committed to getting my bars run (getting into the space of me) weekly, no matter where I had to go to get a session. It created space in me, where thoughts and feelings with different quality arise. Everything started to roll from there, my own thoughts changed; I started to attract people and circumstances that contributed to my creative desires as well as to other people’s desires, and these creatives are the things that gave meaning to everything else.

I can see where his frustration is coming from. He is a highly creative and talented person who has not done anything close to his heart for years as he has been dealing with all the everyday problems, being constantly on a spinning wheel.

No wonder he feels like dying inside. His creative side — the joy that feeds the soul is not present.

If you have the same question, think of one little thing that is your joy and start doing it, and then perhaps share it. It could be something you wouldn’t have expectations for. Like I could not expect the change that I ultimately created for myself just because I got committed to the body process. There was knowing that something else was possible for me; perhaps the action itself was secondary. But constantly thinking that something else is possible is a change already, and going into it at least once a week is better than nothing. Giving less air time to ‘what’s the point’ question.

Now, do you know that something else is possible for you?

I have mentioned inner being in my writings, and have not said what I mean by that. It is a state where everything that has no relevance for you dissolves; there is no drama or trauma. There it is just you, the little stardust that you were when you came here and still are, and will be after your body dies. It is like dying before death; you realize what matters; everything else just falls away.

It’s always there within you; to access it, you just need to quiet your mind – let go all the problems, emotions, feelings, other people’s opinions, judgements – get there by meditating, or getting your bars run. Getting your bars run is like a meditation without meditating, without putting any effort in it, I have practised both, so I can tell the difference.

In the bars session you are getting into to allowance:

Quiet your mind without meditation

Release tensions of mind and body

Detach from your feelings, emotions, expectations, and separations

Create a space for thoughts with different qualities

Invite change, creativity, clarity and access to your own knowing.

Are you allowing you?

Keep embracing the change, it’s natural; although sometimes uncomfortable, it is innate to you.

What would it be like to be kind to you? What if you would take a day with this question; what would that create?

Make a decision to get committed to get happy and the rest will follow.


Inner being and judgement — in the light of inner being; it absolutely does not matter.

Judgement I got recently from the panel, sitting in front of 50 strangers to whom I had exposed a few intimate details about my life, was said with a Tone: ‘You are sitting here with your little perfect aura, all calm and relaxed…’ You should be bubbly, and ….this and that.

Can you imagine what you can be made wrong for in this reality! Too calm and relaxed…?! It’s a healthy society or leaders we have here?

People, do not know that it is an effort and work and research of decades and it does not happen by itself, therefore do not appreciate it. I am still not very bright with my choices (by choosing this seminar), how can it get better? 🙂

My takeaway: That sounds like my name card, that’s what I’ve always hoped to represent, and now, even person with no awareness acknowledging it, I can see I have come far. 🙂

Every judgement you receive you will get $5000 more this year. How much money it makes 5000 times 50, sounds like 250 000, plus panel 2 people. I will take it! How can it even get better now?

To be or not to be?

To Beeee of course! Not to dooo so much, just as much as required or as much as inspired.

The next wonderful thing that will occur in your life; you will be happy that you made it this far – to be there for it, to witness it, to receive it. Have fun along the way to it!

What if you are on track, even if it does not look like it sometimes? Relax into it.

Happy Thanksgiving, I love the idea of it, as I have been in one when was an aupair in the States, long table covered with all the delicious foods. I was a complete stranger invited by kind people.

What can you invite to your life today that inspires you into ease and joy in life and living?