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Adopting vegetarianism for reasons other than personal health and the potential negative consequences

Photo: Pumkin, I love these, although this time it looks like it’s going to eat me 🙂

To be Vegetarian or not?

To continue, perhaps conversation started with the last post.

Weirdly enough, once I moved out of home, to live by myself at the age of 18, when went to uni I stopped eating or cooking any meat.

I always always had to justify myself from that point onward; everywhere I went for what reason I am doing it. You know all these caring aunties and uncles worried about what to feed you now with?! Although it got actually simplified, make me some veggies, and I am happy. I had no reason or justification; I did not think cows need saving or my eating veggies saves the planet (that is a topic by itself). I still do not think that. Meat just dropped off of my menu. Now I understand why it happened. I grew up knowing that meat feeds anger and fight in you. I saw that quite a bit at home, so I must have made a choice not to have that in my life.

‘A graving for meat means you’ve become angry and the only thing that feeds anger is meat. If you are angry and can’t get meat, you still get angrier. The habit of eating meat grows anger; anger creates the hardest health conditions like cancer. If you still have anger in you and you try to switch to a vegetarian lifestyle, you still get madder.

Therefore, once you give up anger, you are ready. By releasing anger a person can gradually develop distaste of meat and in that case the change is nonviolent’. (Viilma 1997).

I have seen many people doing it for the ‘good cause’ That is everything else but their own health, and then their mental and physical health starts declining. It is doing things without awareness, awareness of their own mind and body first.

Anemia and other health issues related to vegetarianism are the result of forcing it on you before you are ready or buying into other people’s opinions that it is not good for you.

This is the kind of thing where you get one day; if that is your goal; or even if it is not, like happened to me. You know when it is right for you, and it has to come from within that knowing not forcing yourself into anything because as a consequence the body gets sick. Also, you are strong enough (but without a fight) against other people’s opinions and judgements. That I wasn’t, and therefore got sick.

My experience with or without meat. Without meat my senses were extremely sharp, meat created a little emotional numbness for me.

I am eating local. It does not have to be eco or organic. Eat locally, what grows around you, in the country you’re living in. All these meal replacements for vegans – I have reservations about these, and these do not appeal at all. I do eat clean, meaning real products; a lot of veggies as I do love these, and micro doses of turkey sometimes, as for some reason feel I have to and I sleep better if I do. I guess I still have some fight in me. What would it take to change that?…and it’s not a goal by itself.

What if all you have to be is to be true to you?

What do you know is right for you, for Now?

What would it take not to buy into other people’s opinions/judgements?

If I did not avoid me what would I choose?

If I did not avoid my being and/or my body what would I choose?

Everything that is times a godzillion will you destroy and increase it please!


If it’s easy then it’s true for you.