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Photo: I thought 2 days how it would look like on the photo of no thoughts, here you have it 🙂

I created a new category ‘Time waster’ for your convenience to easily skip it. Actually Bla Bla Bla is even better; is it?

I thought this morning I will pretend I have no rush to go anywhere, due to a client’s cancellation.

I went to the cafe around the corner. The corner I had not explored quite yet. Sat down, then this song was playing; I stayed because of the good sound. Coffee wasn’t the best of my tasting but who cares if there is a music. It was such a hot day and there was a nice breeze inside the cafe.

Great to have you back! How was your holiday? In this country, it’s too long, really.

I was kind of blank for 3 weeks, it should be a good thing to have no thoughts but it got scary a bit as unknown just is that. And this wasn’t really normal for me to have that for so long.

I felt like it’s time to move to a secluded island.

Who am I kidding; I have concerts and events to attend, not quite ready yet. Yes, I think the kind of concerts I would like to attend before that…heh what would it take it to happen?

I attended one online class just a few days ago, and oh boy it took me to the wrongness of me. That day was the weirdest weird, and we will see what comes out of it. It was about wording your purpose or goal or something like that; jeez it was so specific, is it really necessary? My thought is that you will get what you talk about. For example if you constantly tell how s…up you are; then the more you are generating that, anyway, what if you skip it the next time you want to say that? See what that will create.

However, more important than wording is energy. The energy behind the words, as it is always more than the word itself, includes unknown spaces. Unknown, you do not know how to word it, but you know the feeling of it. Have you had that? it’s just knowing something. Maybe it is not part of this reality, this world yet, that something that you know. I got butterflies in my stomach for writing about it! What do I know that I do not have awareness just yet?

I have a friend in another state that I met at the uni; she always looked at me the way no one ever has, like she knew something about me; …she always treated me with such a kindness and appreciation and something else…? It almost made me teary. I regret I didn’t ask her what do you know!? Her husband introduced us when I was selling him my accountancy text – book. One of these ‘co-incidents’ again meeting beautiful people. I mentioned in the previous post that we keep on going to the next thing, but people who have touched our hearts will always stay there.

I didn’t know if I was coming back, but then I started retrieving my drafts saved. When I started this here I had over 400 drafts and I thought it would be a great way to get rid of these, but now I have over 800 drafts, so I am always behind bringing it out and even more so than before. Drafts of unfinished posts, unsent messages, emails, poems, unfinished quotes, questions, unfulfilled dreams.

And then I noticed a couple of new countries that it has watched from: Bulgaria, Norway and Monaco, and I got exited again, and I have even been to Monaco! Wohoo, we are in this together although it doesn’t seem like it most often.

It was Monday, a good day, some inspired actions came out of this nothingness, and it continued with no sleep on that night and it has continued till today. Was it one coffee too many, probably as my limit is one or actually less, and it was the second one on that day.

There is no vehicle in life that gives us the whole ride, meaning there’s no formula so let’s take it easy this year and keep exploring, what else is possible with ease and joy!