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Photo: White Cocatoos on my walkway. Most of the time they’re sitting on an electric wire or making rounds around it like the circus birds. They are loud and fun to watch.


I listened to the Access call about avoiding. Here are some questions inspired by that.

It took me to the ground. Not some particular question, but something that has been there for almost 10 years haunting me, scaring me, upsetting me; that takes me out of my creation, creation of everything.

Luckily, this ground is not where it used to be, so I am getting up with less time now.

It is fascinating how you create crap in your world (with fearful thoughts), and then within this energy you will attract people or laws or rules that are there to just confirm this. Who will tell; yes, that’s exactly that, no option for you here.

What have I been avoiding by not being the kindness that I truly am?

What have I been avoiding by not choosing the joy I could truly have?

What have I been avoiding by choosing other people’s points of views that keep me for choosing the life that I truly could have?

What have I been avoiding by not being me?

What have I been avoiding with having the relationships that I have?

What have I been avoiding by not having the relationship that I could have?

How much kindness of mine am I cutting off in order to fit in with the drama around me?

What have I been avoiding by not having the success I’ve always known is possible ?

What have I been avoiding by not having the money I could have?

What power that I truly am have I been avoiding by making myself wrong?

Am I avoiding the thoughts that I would actually enjoy? Creating resistance for what I am wanting?

What thoughts am I avoiding and resisting that if I did not would create the life I actually want to live?

Where I have been avoiding me in order to please everyone else?

What is the void in my life; that I do not acknowledge that if I did would change the now right away?

How many thoughts have I been resisting because I think it’s not the right thing correct to think about as no one has never expressed it, but if I did could create a totally different reality for me and for so many others?

How much more I could be me by not avoiding all of this and what life could I create by choosing not to avoid but to have awareness?

Everything that is times a godzillion; will you destroy and uncreate it please! Caring statement:

At first these questions might take you to the funk, but hold on…it will get better.

When you take a decision to go forward no matter what, without even knowing how, life starts to roll again. A lovely friend calls to say sincere thank you. So sincere that you will get your heart singing and a wide smile on your face again; to realize this moment was perfectly crafted to appear on that day.

So, now what’s possible?

R 🌞