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Photo: This is a flag or mine, derived from my shirt. Combined colours of two of my favorite flags. It looks like black but it’s navy blue actually. State of Love. I am working out how you can get citizenship of it. I will make it painful. Lol. Feel free to make a t-shirt out of it and possibly send me one too 🙂

Love is what we feel when we dissolve the boundaries between ourselves and the outside world which appears to separate from us. One way or the other, there is a meeting of two minds which have the potential to find perfect harmony with one another (Author unknown).

Love is a state of being.

Your love is not outside; it is deep within you.

You can never lose it, and it cannot leave you.

It’s not dependent on some other body.

Some external form.

Tolle, E. (1997) Practising the Power of Now, p. 64.

I cannot say I completely get it, but I can say I am on my way to it.

E.Hicks says the world is full of your soulmates. Really? Why is she saying that? To comfort everyone; to take the pressure off from finding that one? That’s what I wonder:)

However, I do not buy into it not a tiny bit. Not true for me.

Matt Fraser, the medium, says that sometimes the circumstances or timing is off, or one is not at the right place emotionally, or they put up walls due to childhood trauma or previous bad relationships, so they are blinded to the fact, or their paths can’t never cross in this lifetime.

Then, there’s always another lifetime! Read more:

E.Hicks also says that it is an outdated understanding that opposites make a great couple, as if there’s not enough to learn about each other, then you will add an extra layer to it by dealing with the opposite version of you. E.g. Introvert vs extrovert.

Where’s two alike people can make it work with ease without concentrating to each other’s differences. Truth in it, I am finding similar passions; interests likes could make it possible to inspire and help each other and create something bigger into this world while also being still on their own individual paths. And there would be some differences that each could learn from, to keep it interesting. 🙂

People who are saying they’re not choosing to love, or it’s a made-up thing have the most amount of definitions about love, where’s people choosing loving just are that without trying to define it.

I used to say I can make it work with the closet door if I want to, lol it’s just a matter of choosing. I think you too can make it work with anyone really but can you create worlds with everyone? That is bigger than commitment.

Have you noticed when you’re in love how everything starts to roll? Every area of your life.

What if you had that kind of enthusiasm all the time? In that loving energy you attract success and abundance and joy. Being on top Of the world! Loving funny playful.

What if that’s all that’s required to attract everything you want in your life?

It is great to have that for yourself without depending on other people’s undivided attention on you. It’s also a journey and it’s possible. Just it’s better together.

Imagine meeting someone you can have shared fulfillment?

Imagine they’re meeting you at your core; what would that be like?

Might be something completely different for you and most likely it is.

Whatever you think love is, be that first then the rest will follow…

What am I holding on to that if I didn’t would let me have everything, I am ready to receive?


Love always


A song: Not really my kind of a song, but this song found me. It was on the soundtrack of ‘Shotgun wedding’. Do not take time to watch that unless pretty faces do it for you, and sometimes they do. Regretful I do not have music that much showing up as could be in my life. I mean I googled: ‘modern Boiz II Men’ 🙂and then the track was finished with old school Usher anyway. What else is possible I haven’t considered? There must be something new that I do not know about. Labrinth is fantastic…for sure.