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Just recently Chris Hemsworth learnt that he has 10 times higher probability to get Alzheimer’s than the rest or the population. He was obviously horrified, reminded me a day of my own diagnosis that was even worse than Alzheimer’s only to be taken back 4 years after that. However, then it is the time to ask what else is possible that I haven’t considered yet?

Western medicine is great for diagnostics, just treating your body is not really individualised but rather has a general approach, like every Body was the same. Do they have your body in their text book or just some body?

By saying that, you already know I am not a doctor, seek help if you are unwell.


  • Diagnosis is the sum of only some factors considered,
  • Even if it’s death sentence on that moment it still has a possibility in it for a change until you’re breathing
  • It’s the diagnosis and prognosis on that moment of time Only.

Predictions based on DNA are old news. Instead of cutting out all the organs for ‘just in case’, the root cause of it should be looked at. Why their parents or some relatives got the disease at the first place?

If you’re done uni or two then you know it’s all about how you pose the question. Scientific research is based on that. Then think about what questions have been asked that led to these results, and then do you trust that more than your own knowing?

If my statistics professor saw the context, I am using his teachings for:) he would probably execute me 🙂 or I might be completely wrong. He was kind of his own man. Might surprise me. If you think you haven’t seen this sentence here before, then it’s because it was not…lol

It’s time to look inside instead of outside.

I love Dr. Christiane Northup, just today she posted: ‘My doctor has an expert body of knowledge. I have expert knowledge of my body. Together we make an effective and healing partnership…’

Author of these books that I am reflecting often, Dr.Viilma. L has always a long pre-story, for example for migraine it is about 10 pages, and to bring it out in a shorter version seems a mission impossible.

Pre-story of Alzheimer’s is about sadness:

There are different kind of Sadness e.g. crying.

Tears not cried, not letting the sadness in or out. But your body knows. Moreover, people with status. They have created image that they feel trapped in, feeling like they have no choice other than that. They have to play along what they’ve started. They do not but they think they do.

‘A person can cry without a tear. Men can do it especially well. Some men have very strong exterior, like the exponat of the exhibition, but when I ask them what’s bothering them their eyes get wet’. (Dr.Viilma.L, 1997).

That brings as back to the question: who are you living your life for? For other people? Well, it’s proven it could kill you. Tested on me and many others obviously. Come back home, to You, and you to get well.

‘Only unreleased stresses cause physical and/or mental illnesses’.

What Alzheimer’s comes to tell you:

Layer one: From the top of the head until the 3rd rib, shoulder, and 1-3 fingers are the areas of stresses that concern Love, fear that I am not loved, Fear that my parents, my family, kids, partner aren’t loved.

‘Who gets saddened because of their mind, wants to get too much out of their rational mind, and their mind gets drained.

Alzheimer’s is purely illness of drained mind that takes away the mind of the world’s most powerful men.

These are people that by completely ignoring their emotions, absolutizing their rational mind.

Their brain is a slave and their rational mind is a slave master.

They may have forgotten of crying and admitting their sadness but their body still knows.

People who will get Alzheimer’s are the ones who have overpowering will to get what they want, and knowing that to get it they have to put their rational mind into work in maximum capacity’. (Dr.Viilma.L, 1997).

That’s the explanation of it.

It’s the holistic view on it.

Conventional medicine tells him to work and train his rational mind even further, holistic point of view is to deal with the never touched/ignored emotions.

‘What are you avoiding and defending creating your image as more valuable than being you?

Will you rescind, revoke, recant, reclaim renounce, denounce, destroy and uncreate all of that please! Right and wrong Pod and Poc, all 9 shorts boys and beyond.’

‘What discomfort are you avoiding and defending against that keeps you from you?’ (Dr Dain Heer).