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Sometimes we meet people for the first time in our lives, we haven’t exchanged any words and yet we already have our opinion. That is proof that words are not everything. You can’t remember your past lives, but your soul is aware you have had these.

From the beginnings of times, your attitude towards other people and to life generally has formed your lips the way they are.

Paying attention to lips and to the movements of the lips could help you to understand the person’s character.

Big lips represent a person that doesn’t hide their soul.

Small lips revile that person has hidden their soul.

Opened lips show that this person is opening their soul up.

Mouth that has formed into a dot represents a drastically closed up soul.

Natural horizontal lip lines represent balanced character.

Lips lightly upwards, show that person wants to be a good person.

Lips upwards for a moment shows a willingness to be good and likable for a moment. Constantly upwards lips – willingness to be good all the time.

Lips upwards like on a doll face — unnatural extensive willingness to be good. Such willingness makes a person proud. They have no doubts that they are good, and they become arrogant, someone who’s looking down on others, despising others. Then, something happens that could lead this person to something that makes their lips go to downturn and stay that way. The self-admirer has got a setback from life.

Being proud and contempt are two ends of the same stick.

By growing their pride they provoked contempt. Proud person cannot put it into rest before they have had revenge for their humiliation. Intelligent person revenges through arrogance. Downturned mouth represents contemptment.

Downturned and dropped mouth presents contempt and hopelessness.

Using lipstick has been a women’s privilege for most part. A woman colours their lips with the color of the root chakra that is red. That means that she wants to point out that her spiritual love is very much vital. The bigger the self-prising the thicker and more intense the red lipstick.

The redest red lips are too much and that makes men go away because a mouth with the colour of blood doesn’t talk about giving life force but taking it. It talks about the coverup of a being an energy vampire. (Dr.Viilma, L. (1997). The teaching of survival, pp. 307-308). Sounds like fun.😜

Or non-holistic point of view, choice is yours! ‘Earlier explorers from the University of Rochester in New York have already scientifically confirmed that women in red attracts men’s attention most of all. It’s no secret that red is the color of passion, love, energy, courage.’ If attention is all that’s required, and in times it is then why not.


Have fun with it, see if the theory is valid in your life.

Truth in it, haven’t paid attention to it really. Interesting point of view though.

Happy exploring!

Ps. Apologies for the last post, the dates were much further than I indicated there, my timeline obviously has no time on it:) It’s sunny, so it’s July for me all year long, although it’s not a warm month here.

The next post: I got a cold on the massage table.