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BeingDifferent Perspective

The Power of Choice: Moving Beyond Needs to Embrace Authenticity

Photo: Meme I created at the concert (quote is from access).


Other people in your life

Are you needy? Needing people in your life, or are you choosing to have them in your life?

Need is created, it’s not real. It’s the same as created needs in the production world. You didn’t know that you Needed the device before they created it; There was no need they created it so they could sell it to you.

The same thing with relationships and physical possessions or even feelings emotions, education you keep chasing these because you were raised and educated to need them, and if you don’t then something’s wrong with you.

Some need drama in their life or some do not need a life partner; they are totally happy by being by themselves. My cousin is 6y younger than me; he has never had a girlfriend or many friends, and he could be happy with himself if his mom wouldn’t constantly judge him for that. He just doesn’t desire what most do; so what’s wrong with that?

Although being a mummy’s boy is a tough choice, he has gained a lot of extra kilos to be able to deal with the constant judgement. It’s all about control for the mom, to have it over him, in a kind way but result is the same.

Sorry, I am creating a chapter inside the chapter already, but you are used to that by now; are you?😀

The care coming from some people in your life could incapacitate you creating greater because they have their limited point of view on what you can or cannot do, what you need and what you do not need, and they try to keep you ‘safe’. Keep you from you.

Directing you to live the way they know because they do not know any other way, and that way is limited.

Dr Dain Heer asked a question a few years ago: ‘If you could fire everyone from your life today, who would you hire back?’

Then I was, ow, no one really. I didn’t receive the question truly. I can see it now, a lot later because I have now the support, the community that I do not have anything to compare with from the past, and it’s not based on needs. It’s much simpler, it’s about embracing each other’s differences; it’s just so unconditional than anything ever before.

I moved to the other side of the world and was still selling myself that it all worked for me back there. I was put into a box that wasn’t for me really, and there is a huge junk of realisations that came to me recently related to my parents and their connection with the relatives. Shortly, I moved away so it couldn’t happen to me, without realising it at the time. You do not listen to the song that reminds you of a heartbreak; so why would you face people that keep you in the loop of everything that doesn’t really serve you anymore?

Notice denial had lasted for decades, so it’s totally fine if you can’t see it right away, but if you’re life isn’t working for you then changes are calling. Some realisations are truly unpleasant, and change is sometimes so very uncomfortable. But who doesn’t take the risk that doesn’t drink champagne, and interestingly, the biggest regret dying people have is that they didn’t take their chances while they were alive. (google it)😊

I noticed since young age that I was happy to be away on travels. Every time I went to America my face changed, my hair got softer, and I actually kind of even liked myself while there.

And my name, I started to like my name for the first time, until then I had always thought to change that. Only the fact that there is a lovely story related to getting that name kept me from changing it.

Therefore, I decided to have more of what worked for me and move where I have that. It’s not America but a country that starts with the same letter.:)

Where is your happy place? Where were you the happiest, the most driven, inspired or successful?

Why was that? Think of the circumstances- where was it; what did you do, who were you surrounded with? What made your soul sing?

What if you choose more of that? What life would you create? Keep the momentum going by taking a step towards that feeling every time possible. Notice and acknowledge it. Nothing is too small, and that way you create more of that.

And lastly is there any freedom of needing anything, or is there freedom of choosing?

Not suggesting to move every time; you are not feeling great but notice where and when in your life you have more of it, more of You, unapologetically.There is a difference if you run off or you’re moving on, going towards creating more of you and your life, that many others will benefit from.

Do not follow anyone follow you ❤️