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Listening to the Wisdom of the Body: Understanding the Messages of Illness

I got a cold on the massage table


I have been working recently more than usual (form of self sabotage), and it’s so interesting how it just numbs you down, your creativity or ability to think or feel or even dream. What am I avoiding that I am not willing to receive or be? What am I avoiding with this?

You go to your robot mode, not creating, not thriving but surviving.

It can easily keep on going, until resistance comes up and your body gets sick for you, so that you would take time out, and to give you a chance to rethink again and again. If you are not learning from the little illness then bigger problem (illness) comes along.

As a result of an exhaustion I’ve got cold on the massage table as silly as it sounds, it is true. Massage is my indulgence, I am not into café culture, or restaurants, unless there is occasion or celebration. Sometimes I go to massage schools that are nearby, and heh – some touch your body like it was a log. You can tell when some look out of the window and some are waiting to get off from school, while doing it. Some funny stories there.

Eventually, I have motivation for writing what getting cold is as it’s only the second time in 9 years I ‘ve got a cold and the first time I had to take a sick day. Where’s back in the cold country I got cold often, and was sick a lot of the time, most of the year. That’s why I keep praising this part of the world; sunshine has not only healed me inside out but as a result of my well-being it’s given/created me so much more life and living.

A few weeks ago it was hot outside 34 degrees Celsius that is 93.2 Fahrenheit, and I suspect they had 10 degrees lower temperature in the salon than it was outside.

Why it happened in the first place is because my awareness was not there; I was there all relaxed as you would be. It’s the same reason why you get sunburned when falling to sleep while sunbathing; your awareness of the sun is not there; your body is unarmed. The sunshine or cold does what it wants in the meantime. I didn’t get fever but the other two, running nose and sore throat.

A little illness comes when you do not notice the appearance of a little stresses surfacing, because you don’t think of these emotions as a stress sources, and therefore do not know these are piling up.

The spirit and its materialized expression body tries to stop us from making bigger mistakes by bringing us a little illness. Treating the body without understanding the cause of illness leads to more serious illness, so that it could get your attention, while it didn’t before.


Not feeling well.

Emotional reason: being certain that it is my fault. (whatever it is in your own mind).

Consequence: general health conditions like, fever, flu or cold.

Running nose is:

– feeling offended, having hurt feelings for some reason, and not willing to admit it.

– Wanting to show you’re better than others, and not wanting to be measured the same as everyone else.

– Being offended that no one loves me anyway. That is a general underlying stress for all diseases.

Also, a general willingness to get along with everybody, so that there wouldn’t be any disagreements or fights. Not wanting to pick sides. Willingness to be neutral. To go along to get along.

Usually we want to deny stubbornly all these causes. We want to show that we are better than others by not expressing what we really think, and that’s why this health concern shows up at the first place.


Fever is a burning anger, blaming the guilty one, however, the most dangerous thing is taking the blame that others have imposed on you. Taking the blame without being actually guilty is the biggest burden to carry. What if you ask: who does this belong to?

Is the guilt yours or anyone else’s fever will disappear once one has realised the reason behind it. Recovery can begin once the clean-up in the body has happened. Fever has burned the burning anger towards somebody or themselves.

That’s why it is said that fever is not all bad; it prevents body from creating a more serious illness by giving you time to give a rest to your body and rethink your emotions.

Sore throat:

I have written about it previously that it is repressed feelings etc, and it is the 5th chakra, determines the movement of the energy of communication.

  • Sore throat- all communications. Dissatisfactory communication.

‘Ability to communicate defines the quality of life. The greatest problem of this civilisation inability to communicate.’ (Viilma.L, 1997, p.156)

Isn’t it interesting considering how many channels we have for it today? Social media, email, phones and then every organisation has ‘a communication manager’ that makes sure nothing relevant would leak into the world…:)

What would it be like if there wasn’t a problem with communication ever again?

What would that be like,

for you,

for me and for the rest of the world?

Ps It’s a New Moon today, make a wish