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Intuition and Following Through: A Sunday Morning Reflection

Photo: This morning


Sunday like this


I didn’t get to the river for the sunrise but just about 30 min later.

Mornings are getting crisper; the fresh cool air is asking for me to wear a jumper.

Clear sky silence between waives of traffic noise.

It looks like it’s been raining at night; benches beside the river are somewhat wet.

Flying fish in the river are having time of their life, so much fun. I can hear they are so much fatter than at the beginning of the previous season. Splashes are wave makers; ☺️

William Whitecloud told in his class about an interview with John Lennon he had seen where Lennon had said that their success is not about talent but the intuition he had followed, and not intuition by itself but following through accordingly. I’m still thinking about it.

The following through part is really something I have realised for the past maybe 5 years. I have done things that I never thought I would do; some things didn’t work out as it always involved other counterparts, but I am in peace with myself as I know I tried, and that’s big by itself. I appreciate that I was brave enough. There’s always something you could’ve done better, but you are doing accordingly to your capabilities at the time.

It’s very easy if you are honest with yourself. For me, everything has been just not going against my heart, and at least giving a chance to myself.

However, everything is a big word and inherently this word indicates there’s always more. You are the measurement for it; nothing or no one else is.

Probably if you have been in a brink of a death, or someone close to you has, you start seeing life in perspective, realise you do not have eternity here and it’s too short to ignore yourself in the sake of others, and you start to realise that you even have something to give into this world.

Do you think it’s better to know or not to know? (sorry just popped in):)

I wonder now what’s possible I haven’t considered yet???

Gratitude in my heart for the amazing weather, for the time to be here, realizations and the quiet inside! (relatively) 🙂

Now, back from the river walk, high from the caffeine, I’m putting on my too sticky, licky, too much of many things 🙂 but sweet YouTube music playlist, and making some doughnuts, condensed milk and roasted parsnip. It’s my version of trash food; to wash away the melancholy of this…post.

Doughnuts are gluten and sugar free as is condensed milk. Parsnip is a version of fries with yummy sauce and salad. Before coming to Australia, I didn’t know anything about that vegetable; what else do you have in store for me; Australia?

I love days when I have time for all these things! And it’s only midday, now what? 🙂

Sending you Happy Sunday!🌞🌞🌞