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The Magic of Questions: Opening the Universe of Possibilities



Why questions?

If you’ve been reading here for a while, you have probably noticed how I tie questions into the texts everywhere, all the inappropriate places.:)

Why do I like questions?

Because it opens up the universe of more possibilities. How so?

We as humans are able to ask only things been before us or what we know are possible, and that is quite limited.

If the people that invented electricity would’ve only looked at what’s been, we wouldn’t have that today.

Question opens up the possibility that you or maybe no one has not been aware just yet.

Where’s answer closes possibilities up, and that’s maybe only one option that you can think of. Answer or conclusion is restrictive.

For example, you will get diagnosed with something that is quite conclusive, and if you cannot see that this is something that is true at that point of time and conclude you will never get better as you were told, then that’s the way it goes.

You are concentrating on your sickness that creates more of it, where’s you could concentrate on your wellness. Be grateful for the parts of you that are still well, and that you have time to complete your To Do, Joy or Fun list. Stay humble, forgive yourself; you created it and ask forgiveness from your body. Listen to the doctor’s orders (assuming you believe in this), and know that something even better is possible. Willingness to receive is the way to have that miracle. However, it’s not something to expect; it’s just very quiet knowing, belief or hope.

Question opens up the world of possibilities. Question is Space. Like: Now what? 🙂

Access Consciousness is built on questions, and it works very well. Most practices have tied questions in it. I do not remember what chapter it was in Tolle’s book that ended with a question. I could not have been more annoyed at the time because I was looking for answers. Truth is, the answer will come anyway…just in a unique way to you.

In the most ‘impossible’ situations ask a million times:

What else is possible? How can it get better? What do I know about it?

Or If I know not this then what’s possible?

What question can I ask here with this situation that I have never asked before?

Hello Tolly, oi, Tolle is here tonight! That is the second time seeing him live, how can it get better than that?

I realised that most people I am referencing in my writings I have seen live: Viilma, Tolle, Heer, Hicks. Now who? 🙂

R 🌞