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Navigating the Mystical World: A Look at Tarot Readers, Psychics, and Access Bars

Psychics and taro readers


Every year I am attending the Mind Body Spirit festival where I’m providing Access Bars sessions along with all other practitioners.

At the festival there are dozens of health processes and body modality providers to choose from and every single time the longest line, sometimes out of the door is for taro readers, mediums & psychics.

Most people are looking for fix me up, tell me what – I do not want to be involved in living my life; I just want answers. Where’s access bars gives you more of you, access to your own knowing, your own power & creativity, and how delicious it is to be actually the creator of your own life, not putting power outside of you, to a psychic that tells you what’s going to happen.

How I see it; you are giving your power over to somebody that tells you something, and consciously or unconsciously you start living what they’ve said.

As curious mind that I have, I decided to watch some of them on YouTube. It’s been 6 months of it at least. There are funny ones, cruel, angry, accurate and some real magicians. Some characters are real entertainment by themselves.

These are collective readings. People can donate them during the reading, and they do. They pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars just because.

I am also interested in the astrology to a degree, I still remember everyone’s zodiac sign from my primary and middle school, as I was so fascinated about the first book of astrology, I got my hands on. The head really is a bin, for what is the use to remember all that!:)

I keep reading general monthly horoscopes from a lady overseas, just because I know her background, and I have been reading since she started sharing. She has not done anything else in her life than that; her grandma had abilities, and so does she.

I learned just a year ago that there are also moon signs, and once I found out that mine is Aries, it kind of fell into place. Since my sun sign is Cancer, I never understood where this fiery side comes from. Too honest straight forward, everything should’ve happened already yesterday — it’s nothing like Cancer is. It’s said that the sun sign is more connected to your ego and the moon sign to your true self.

About YouTube taro readers, I found one that does the readings on a completely different, deeper level. I realised that most readers are connected to the emotional level, and that is ever changing with every second. The same as your energy field. However, her talks go so deep under the skin that it’s just unbelievable.

She is something else, and she talks from a different place, to your inner being. She talks about the divine feminine and divine masculine that we all have in us or, for some lucky ones it’s a real-life divine counterpart outside of them. Listening to her reading doesn’t make you react; it’s just incredibly peaceful, kind and insightful. Helping to understand yourself better, putting words to things you can’t think of or you’re alone with, and it’s so often mind-blowing how accurate can General/Collective reading be!

Can’t generalise here; there are pearls out there too.

It’s the comparable with every healing modality, and every one of them says they are the world’s best. So, why aren’t they then? 🙂 Some people start living the modality, not creating their life but more of the modality that is better than self destruction but still not living. Therefore, as always take what resonates and what works for You.

These things are fun if you don’t put much power on them.

Your fun is video games mine is YouTube taro! Actually, was, I think I am mostly over it now.

Happy Eclipse on Wednesday! Get ready to manifest! 🙂

I meant Thursday, sorry! 🙂