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Different Perspective

Moms: Motherhood and Celebrating the Miracle of Life



Mom, everyone has or had one. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

It’s said that’s all that your parents have to do for you is to help you into this world because you yourself wanted to come.

I find it hard to believe sometimes, but I do. 🙂

If you are a parent then you have already created the greatest creation into this World; did you think about that? The child is the biggest creation no matter what else you create…

You’ve created another human being.

However, not to confuse with self realisation! Many do it through their children…

I always got a weirdly holy feeling when I was around my expecting friends. I find it such a miracle that these space citizens chose to come here, and every time the children were born they were staring at me like they’d already know me. They knew how exited I was for them. 🙂

A Story: My friend grew up with his grandparents because his parents were alcoholics. They aren’t anymore, however; my friend finds it hard to forgive them, and his grandparents weren’t the easiest people to be around as well. What if there isn’t absolutely anything to be grateful for, then appreciate who you have become. You are aware and not going to repeat any of this.

The background of his mom’s drinking while she was young. She was the best student, finished high school with the highest results, and once she flew out of the nest she went totally out of control, and the reason why she did it was simple. She had been growing up under enormous control. Of course her parents didn’t smoke or drink, she did it all, and all other things times a godzillion for decades.

Moms are able to say the best and the most hurtful things, and therefore should be careful with their words.

Control (in any area of life, inc self control) takes away a person’s meaning of life or willingness to live…they are incapacitated by that; that is often the root cause of a drug addiction as well. If someone, your parents are planning out every millimeter or your life, then what’s the point? Everyone’s life is or should be their very own creation.

Then she had a baby, and her mom (my friend’s grandma) did the worst, took her baby. That’s the greatest control and humiliation anyone can do to their daughter.

Can you see where the problem began? It wasn’t my friend’s mom it was further in the past, she was desperate to break free from the prison.

My friend does relatively well; he doesn’t hate his mom for ‘giving him up’. People who do, do not eat, tolerate or like honey. Have you noticed that?

However, there is no need to forgive or understand if it feels impossible. Awareness is good enough, and only talk about it when it is necessary at the present time.

I was going to write about moms of 3 friends, one from Africa, one from Asia, and one from Europe. One thing these friends (we) have in common is that we all have been friends with our moms. The other thing we do not have children and do not have really ‘a good reason’ for it or a good one to have that. They come from families with 10 children, where’s I am from a one child family. They’re Muslims I’m not, and yet nothing can come between a great laugh or heart to heart talk.

Often after getting together, I will sleep 2 days after that; as the chats are intense and I’m basically from the North Pole, we do not talk that much…:) or with that intensiveness anyway.

I have so much respect for these ladies, knowing where they are coming from and the life they have built for themselves in a foreign country.

However, I feel like it’s a bigger project so maybe next year.

I could’ve get easily weepy here with that topic, thinking of my mom but that’s exactly what I didn’t not want, so hope this different version of celebration is a contribution to someone.

Celebrate your mom on Mother’s Day on Sunday and/or yourself if you are one!🌷🌷🌷