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Atlas Profilax: Atlas – where a man meets a woman

Atlas – where a man meets a woman


I recently went to get my spine aligned to the procedure called Atlas Profilax, that you normally get done once in your lifetime. If you have had any kind of trauma, accident in your life you most likely could use it.

I didn’t exactly know if there is some discord but I have had sore neck and shoulders despite of life long yoga and massage some rare times triggered headaches. Although the last 2 months I have had a lot of headaches and no appetite. Ps I kind of thought that having no appetite is a made-up problem…until now. 🙂 Thanks for the awareness body buddy!

I also have had tension in my lower back. I used to tell myself that’s because I walk a lot, do exercise in the wrong way; some say it’s because you are too thin, all lies. Our bodies are meant to do whatever we want to do in normal life, running (different story on pro level though), exercising, walking with no excuses.

I remember my cousin saying at a certain time of the month her breasts will get so big that their weight is probably 5 kg/11lb each, and that’s why her lower back gets enormously sore; another lie. Assuming you have no implants, your back should carry perfectly all and whatever the gear you have effortlessly. 😉

The neck symbolizes female and female role in life and feminine energy. Head is the male energy in your life; it could be anyone, your partner, dad, brother or colleague. One can’t go without other and one is not more important than the other. Read more about Men and Women and Men and Women 2.

Tension in the shoulders symbolizes rushing into the future and feeling the burden of it.

The spine is a very important part of the body physically and energetically, as it literally carries your body and life.

If you go to do Atlas Profilax they will look at how well your head sits in the nest, where your spine meets the head, and if that isn’t aligned, all energy in the body is disrupted. So, I got it sorted! Look at the videos on YouTube if you are interested in getting your physical body aligned.

Doctor was very pleased with me as I am very receptive. I know, if I decide something then I can be it. Doc also knew about Healy, no wonder, he got trained in Switzerland and worked 28 years in the states, the Doc has perspective!

In the first appointment he asked me a lot of questions, and one of them was if I ‘ve had some kind of trauma, birth trauma possibly. I didn’t recall mom telling me anything or having later in life something like that.

However, when I went to my second and the last appointment, I remembered something. When I was 25, a friend of mine picked me up at the nightclub to spin me around and banged my face into the wall. I had a huge bump on my forehead, basically the size of my forehead; interestingly, my nose wasn’t broken but the birth mark on my forehead was smashed, so I thought it’s going to disappear. I wasn’t mentally traumatised but body was, I got MRI done. All was good and I was back at the office on Monday. I was working at the prosecutors’ office at the time, I remember my boss looking at me, got horrified and said I should stay at home. 🙂 I guess I looked a bit scary.

So, it very well could’ve been that my head & spine weren’t aligned from that point on, I am kind of surprised that ‘conventional medicine’ didn’t think to look into it. Look if the head and the neck are aligned. Quite possibly the horrifying diagnosis that I got 5 years later was the consequence of this accident and misalignment of energy in the whole body.

After the procedure and 2 appointments, it feels like my body is sitting in its frame. I do not feel like my head is too heavy for the neck to carry. Shoulders are where they should be, no tension in the lower back since day one and improved blood flow and oxygen levels. I still have some headaches, but it’s an adjustment period still.

Your body shouldn’t have uncomfortable feelings, tension or pain anywhere. It’s so easy to think that’s the way it is, or there’s nothing to do about it.

What would it be like to feel good, vital radiant in your body?

What would it be like to actually like your own thoughts?

What would it be like to love your loving you?

Oh, I just realised Atlas is the place where the head meets the neck. A man meets a woman!

The atlas is the first cervical vertebra, and along with the second vertebra, the axis, forms the joint connecting the skull and the spine. The atlas (C1) not only carries the skull, but is also responsible for the suspension, equilibrium and management of the spine and human skeleton.

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If you are in QLD and you’d like to find this Doc, I made a post with some details on my FB.