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My 90-year-old friend: Embracing Kindness and Authenticity

Photo: The room on the photo must be a bedroom suite as it has a washbowl and pitcher set in it, as an “early bathroom items.”


My 90-year-old friend


I have a 90-year-old friend, Jo. I have known her for over a year now.

The moment I met her, she just charmed me with her whole presence! She is very knowledgeable about everything going on in the world and is attentive, and caring and kind.

I found it inspiring and moving, as after 90 years of living on this planet, she has managed to keep her kindness and clarity.

The house she is living in is the same one she was born in, so it’s older than her. It is filled with furniture from the same era. The only ‘modern’ parts of the house are the toilet, shower and kitchen.

She had been a government worker, was raised by her mother and she had 5 sisters. She once told me with giggles while touching her ring finger that she has never been married. There were 2 candidates, but one disappeared after their date and the other one had enormously controlling parents. I cannot imagine what that must’ve been as she obviously is from a religious family; there are psalms and pictures of God everywhere. She never talks about God though.

The house is an old Queenslander. Google it; it’s very different. That is a historical house model in Australia. Her house could as well be a museum.

I do not know exactly what it is that brought us together so tightly. My side is that I have so much respect for her for not getting bittered or angry because some things did/not work out in life. It’s the opposite; actually she appreciates everything and everyone in her life.

And now, a couple of weeks ago, her ‘better eye’ lost vision as well. She was clearly upset as she couldn’t use the phone, or watch TV or manage normal everyday activities.

Her niece and her doctor stepped in and suggested her to ‘try’ a nursing home.

It is a safe choice…just I was hoping for her; she wouldn’t have to leave her home, ever.

When she told me all that… I started to cry before she did…  we had a cry together. She is going to a nursing home. Just for a 2-week trial but, the likelihood she is going to stay is high.

She has lived life true to herself and it’s inspiring. What means true to herself? It means she hasn’t gone against herself. People who are kind to themselves by following their own knowing are kind to others.

What if you ask: What it means to be kind to myself? It definitely isn’t trying to get life right, or forcing yourself into the box.

What would it be like to be kind to myself? What if you ask it with every situation for one day, and see what actually shows up?

You are a creative human being; so Create your life and inspire others to do the same!

I have been writing on serious topics recently (yet to come), what would it take to change that? I feel some kind of responsibility.

I am working with my Alchemist at the moment, and also being in a lot of aloneness. Apart from yesterday when I met American, Canadian, Australian and Japanese ladies, gosh I love this place! Apart from that it’s very peaceful and quiet, I am afraid I am going to like it too much…but doing/being it anyway.

I could use a car ride with an awesome sound system and a Very loud music; though…:) that would balance it out. My blood started to move faster from the thought of it. 🙂

Do not see it very often here, more so in Europe, or maybe its because I am wearing air pods and am cut off from the outside world anyway lol.

Appreciate You being here! You’re an explorer you will thank yourself for it one day or how about now?

Does it help when I say that it keeps getting easier? Once you get aware of all and everything in your life, all the things you have ignored about yourself, at first if feels like what the h…???

Awareness is like a muscle, you keep training and you keep getting better at it, and making choices from that place is rewording. It’s coming home to you, accessing who you really are. I created a program Walkwithme for You if that is something you want to choose this year.

Keep it kind to yourself! 💚