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The Emotion-Health Connection: Unraveling the Path to True Healing

Emotion & Health Condition


Perhaps you’ve been thinking why I keep talking about emotions behind health conditions. Firstly, because I’m interested, I want to know, learn find out and understand myself, the world and others better.

Every time I will go to get massage, there is a questionnaire listed with a million of health conditions you might have, that is the realisation moment, that there’s really nothing to compline about as I do not have to tick any of these boxes and ‘the reason today to be there is just to relax’. Makes you humble and appreciative.

Better treatment and diagnostics, that is absolutely amazing to have all that on the level we have it now but that is also dealing with the consequences, not with the cause or the stress. It doesn’t deal with the initial triggers of the discord in the mind or body. The best combination is to work with a medical doctor and do your inner work. They do what they know best and you do your part, you know you the best. That’s where so called healing ‘miracles’ happen.

How about better understanding why you have the health discord at the first place? Better knowing feels lighter to say than understanding. Knowing is just something you are, understanding feels like a bottomless hole where’s a lot to do. Body gives us chances to learn again and again, and is forever forgiving if you think what you have created for it. If you do not pay attention to a little illness it will create a bigger one, and then gets your attention.

It’s about acknowledging that you have illness as a consequence of your own distorted thinking, while at the same time it gives you the acknowledgement, the root cause, the time and understanding why you have it in the first place. Just a reminder there is an energy then thought and then emotion. Emotions manifest in the body, you have to take care of your emotions, meaning pay attention. It also means you choose who you communicate and where you go. What and who makes you feel good is healthy.

It’s not the same with children, small children are expressing everything that their parents are, their thinking and problems even if these are not obvious to other people, often these are hidden. Once parents understand the issue the child gets well.

Surgery of any kind Is violence towards your body it’s better not to let your health to decline that far. If you think for a moment what is natural of the steel blade inserting into your sweet, vulnerable body?

By cutting out the problem in a surgical way, the problem stays unless it’s a lesson learned or understood why it came to you at the first place. If it’s not understood it will come back in a bigger way, as a more serious health issue. One organ gets removed, and the disease spreads to another one.

Serious illnesses or addictions require long term/forever commitment to your health, there’s no going back. That’s why the campaigners, people or cancer survivors die sometimes, their focus should’ve been inwards not create the fight outside. Focus went from health to proving. There’s nothing to prove…they created it and have to uncreate it. Healing is a personal thing, and like everyone else public figures should take this time and keep it private in order to gain strength and get well before they return to the arena called life.

See, I grew up knowing all that, and yet still created all this crap for my body. I ignored my knowing because I was ‘busy living/ignoring life’, until I couldn’t anymore. I also thought I do not belong to this world and wanted to create the way out. I still do not think I belong here but I have learned to live with that:) and make the best out of it.:)

It’s very important not to make yourself wrong once you understand that you yourself created the problem or the health condition. These are our life lessons, and this is the evolution leading us to a new understanding, new awareness of our self and the world. That’s where you see people who have turned their unimaginable health issue into a blessing. It’s a mindset. The point of view on it. Work with what you have, turn it into a blessing.

It all sounds too weird to you but if it’s light it’s right and if it sounds heavy it’s not for you, just yet.

What is that your body is trying to tell you?

What would it take to reset the mindset? What is kindness to your body? What would it be to be kind to your sweet beautiful body?

What if you stopped ignoring you and your body; what would that create?

What if you stopped ignoring you; what kind of life would it be?

Get well; stay well!💚💚💚