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Embracing Food Freedom: The Journey of Right, Wrong, and Balance

Right & Wrong & Food


Too good not to share.

Do not listen, might bring lightness into your world!😜

The video and text aren’t exactly related but just as much; both are talking about right and wrong.

There is Dr Phil playing in the background, and oh what a bashing and lashing going on there. Right and wrong, good and bad. There is a lady who’s on a fruit and & raw diet only and there is a guy who eats raw meat only, and then there are scientists and nutritionists to prove how Wrong they really are.

Like said before, science is built on research questions; there are questions never posed, and there’s lots.

They look happy. The only worrisome thing is by keep proving their rightness – it’s a 2-way sword…; they might bring trouble for themselves. She has her husband and 2-year-old who all are on a fruit diet. That’s a bit scary, but it’s probably just a rigid point of view. The safest would be to give them all the choices and when they are ready, they will make their pick of the lifestyle.

Here are people in the world that are living on a prana. How wrong are they? Or are they? They can be that because they are ready for that mentally, emotionally and physically. It can’t be a standard because there is not one.

When will come the time when science says yes; all bodies are different; therefore; require individualized/holistic approaches? That would destroy the whole structure that everyone is used to.

Until then, you are the one who has to pay attention, take care prevent and make aware choices.

Tip: You always know actually what foods are making you feel good and which ones make you feel sick and which one you tend to over eat. This is your measure, or get tested.

Anyway, the show is about being a victim: what I saw in social media, the recipes they give, what they did to me, put me on a strict diet, made me exercise that made me sick etc. Who chose it?

Like with everything else in life there aren’t right or wrong foods. Finding your balance, it’s a journey. For example, if you know you love sweets too much, then cheat yourself, make sugar free treats. Still have carbs and sugar, but to cut it back you have options for that.

Self-talk; do not tell yourself; well everyone in our family is like that.

My dad was slim until he turned 30.

He had decided that after that men would get fat, and, of course, the genes. All their family were kind of roundish, so he had decided there’s no way around it. Interestingly, the next generation, all 11 grandchildren, we didn’t have that gene?!? 🙂.

Diet perhaps is something to begin with; it gives some awareness about different foods and the feels of the food. However, no diet is sustainable, but lifestyle is, that involves exploring and being actually interested what is good for you. If you know you’re intolerant to something then stay away from it. It’s all over complicated; once again, what if change is easy? We have never ever had so many food options before as we have today.

Compare yourself to You one great thing Dr Phil said.

My habit of nostalgia is watching t… TV at times, and there is one even worse TV show…lol

OK then, I have been planning to write about feeding yourself, and not knowing where to start. It’s started!

Whatever you have enjoy it!:) No guilt no blame just happy!

Ps. Update about my 90year old friend. She’s back home. Do you know that the first sentence she said was: “It’s so depressing there, and everyone is so old.’ She realised what she had said and smoothed it out with the next sentence, but I can’t get over of this one! 🙂 🙂 🙂