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Unveiling the Hidden Battle: Exploring the Profound Impact of Parkinson’s Disease on Mind and Body

Parkinson’s is the disease of drained hopelessness, where head and hands unwillingly uncontrollably are trembling.

Stiffness of the soft tissues disrupts the normal movement of the bones that’s why develops the tip toeing walk. Tip toe walk itself is characteristics to a different diseases and it means especially obeying behaviour. Some children have that and it literally means they tip toe around their parents to meet their expectations.

The monotone speaking manner is a result of the hopelessness.

These people have used all their good will and kind heart for the lives of unlucky, unhappy ones.  They have used their life force to the willingness to make others’ lives better.

People who will get Parkinson’s are the ones who want to contribute to a maximum measure, like serving their holy duty but their expectations will not get hoped results, because they do not know that unhappy people can’t be made happy. That is everyone’s very own duty.

Trembling in their head and hands is like a fear of efforting pointlessly, fear of getting disappointed that once again my good will be wasted, and knowing that I do not have any strength left to help. Fear that no one loves me if I am not going to help these poor people. At the same time, they will have instant need to help once someone turns to them for a help.

Fear to help and fear not to help are exchanging and first make the hands tremble and then already head to tremble.

At first the disease starts to show itself by making it challenging to intentionally stretch hands, like trying to say: no need to effort so much for others, let them do it themselves. Then once the symptoms are escalating and the head starts to do nodding like movements it’s kind of like marking that this person is still always willing to help.

With Parkinson’s disease the function of the nerve cells gets disrupted as a result of the lack of dopamine. Dopamine is the carrier of the holy duty energy. If a person has a fear of not being able to complete their holy duty, then they will develop deficiency of the dopamine, that leads to Parkinson’s.’

That is an example how too much good (will) can turn into bad.  Underlying truth is going against the person, or ignoring themselves in sake of others.

We are here aiming to find balance. Every bad has it’s good in it and every good has bad in it.

I recently saw Michael J Fox speaking about his journey with this disease on TV that inspired me to look up emotional causes of it. Perhaps after reading this have a look and see if that’s what he was reflecting, I think there are number of interviews it doesn’t have to be a particular one.

Retrieved and translated from the Teachings of Survival, part 3 page 176.