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Beyond Titles, Status, and Expectations

What if it wasn’t meant to

make you happy?

The titles, status, education, or career? Impressive for sure, no doubt there. That shows mainly that you are capable of committing if you choose to. That’s almost a win there already.

Now you wonder why you’re not happy. I have all that, everything is So Right and yet I’m not happy.

None of this above wasn’t meant to make you happy.

Exactly the same goes to the ones, who aren’t happy with their job, or no education or no relationship.’ Everything is Wrong, so no wonder I’m not happy.’

These are some add-ons from his reality. That’s not you. You were there before all this. You will be afterwards.

Getting happy is a journey, the way to You. Not comparing and researching other people rightness.

Inspired by a convo on FB messenger with a stranger.

Ps I do not mind adding you as a friend if you have a valid FB account and you aren’t a relative that hasn’t talked to me the past…ever years or you are just the meanest soul (there’s only one, you know who you are) sneaking around here:). I wonder if I really chose that one to be my relative?! Please, kindly Go away! 🙂 the most judgmental are the ones who are never doing anything in their life, sitting ‘comfortably’ in their misery without noticing that they are miserable suffering their life and judging others. Do you know one of those?

The same goes to a couple of who know me really for a while now, and since you started reading here I can get your hostility bec you’re feeling insecure. I have always had the ability to see far beyond that most misunderstood or judged. I have known all these things long before I met you, and obviously it didn’t bother me, meaning I didn’t have judgement of you, but you have judgement of you. I chose to have you in my life; so get over it or do not read or just do not show up in my life.

Also, if you add me on FB, please add a little message as you are reading here or something; however, you can always follow and I never have to know who you are. Ha-ha, usually when I get FB messages from strangers, I direct them here (these are usually the ones who think that a cute photo cuts it), and the rule is I never hear about them ever again! Easy! Lol Maybe that’s how you can get rid of your unwanted friends, just indicate that you’re reading here. 🙂

Some people have a narrow perspective. They see a photo of you and define you right away, although it’s only one aspect of a person. I am also not only what I’m writing, but it’s part of me, like your hobby or your job is not you, it’s part of you, not the whole, and in times it’s not the most fun part of you.

Back to the topic. Getting happy is a journey just like your career, education or gaining status. You had to take these journeys; you had to put awareness on it; did you?

Perhaps start asking questions; what actually makes you happy? Start taking steps towards it. Little joyful things; Keep asking questions.

Do not try to answer, just ask it and perceive the space of a question. The harsh ones first:

Are you rather right than happy?

Or are you rather happy, than right?

Are you Proving your rightness? Therefore, suffering it.

I understand that by the time we have been living so much life, put so much effort into all these external things that were expected from us; or we ourselves expected that effort from us; we have completely lost the sense of who we are or what makes us happy. Just, do not get depressed, that’s actually the good part now, that’s actually for You, not for the society, not for show, not for your parents or friends.

  1. You acknowledged you’re not happy.
  2. You start to notice what is that makes you happy. Be aware!
  3. Gradually you will get happier and happier
  4. You are Happy! 🙂 (my voice keeps getting higher…in my head)
  5. Keep on going! (I rouse my hands) 🙂

Success looks different to everyone; think what is that for you.

‘We do not see things the way they are; we see things the way we are.’ J.D Brilliant!

I wouldn’t say it exactly like that as it sounds too big and too much to do, but it has a very good point in it! See below.

‘In order to change your personal reality, your life, you have to change your personality. 90% of our thoughts are the same as the day before. The same thoughts lead to the same choices, which lead to the same behaviors, which create the same experiences, which result in the same feelings and emotions, producing the same thoughts that lead to the same biology, gene expressions, and hormonal circuitry that remains unchanged.

The repetition of firing and wiring the same circuits in our brain creates a very finite set of circuitry that forms our personality.’— Joe Dispenza

I got VA for the website, oh it’s complicated lol, I am re-titling most posts etc, and VA said that if I want to write to people other than my friends, I have to make some changes, that I ‘m not so into the least to say, anyway, what would it take to change that? The last time I had a Google analytics there were readers from 28 countries represented. The most readers from the USA, Virginia!? I do not know anyone from there! Is Sandra Bullock from there? Lol, then Australia and now China seems to take over. I wonder how on Earth you found this website? 🙂

In newly established IG I’m going to share some Healy info, Access Bars info, random stuff, fun stuff and re-post some blog posts from the beginning of this website.

The Concert I’m exited about this week: Ngaiire