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Heaven’s Knock: Choosing Joy Over Suffering in Life’s Twists

Photo: Concert last Friday Ngaiire. Beautiful arts Inc. music save the world. 🥰


Sometimes, when you’ve gone through hell, you think OK, now it should get better as I did go through that. But it’s not really true. It is a twisted misconception. It’s our egoic mind there, with underlying negative self-beliefs, thinking that in order to get happy I have to suffer first. ‘I am unworthy, I’m not good enough, I do not belong, I need to control myself, I can’t trust myself, others or the world, I’m insignificant, I do not have the capacity, there is a right way, that is the way things are. I am powerless, and I’m not allowed to be capable; I need to be perfect. ‘(Natural Success, W. Whitecloud).

Our true self knows where the joy is and that it has no price tag on it. Price tag of suffer first, then you’ll get to heaven.

People are losing minds because of suffering, so definitely can’t be true.

I had a thought yesterday. A. Hicks says: tell yourself: ‘Everything is always working out for me.’ Heh, how good is that saying, and it’s true! There is a But though, it is that everything is working out; just not the way you expected; that is a kind of twist there, that goes without saying. In most cases everything turns out better, although you can’t see it at present, you’ll realise it in the future.

Are we always choosing heaven, obviously not. We choose suffering in times. What if you ask: What am I choosing here?

I have spoken here that I’m going to go to a secluded island at some point, what I meant was after 20y or so :), however, I have heaven knocking on my door now. My friend offered me to run her business and it’s an opportunity to move to the coast, close to the ocean, and hopefully a little warmer place. I actually love the city I am living in very much; it’s one of a kind in the world for sure, and it has offered so much, and keeps giving, so I really can’t say I am suffering it, but I know that I am postponing something. Avoiding some kind of progress by not choosing my heaven now. I feel I’m not done here yet.

Like with relationships, you ask, am I getting greater with this person or am I cutting off pieces of me in order to be with them? The same could be asked here; am I getting greater by choosing to move or cutting off pieces of me?

So, where have You postponed or put off your heaven?

What aren’t you choosing that if you did would lead you to the places unimaginable?

What are you avoiding with the choices you are making, that if you didn’t would lead you to the greatness that you actually are?

What if you chose the greatness that you are today; What would it be like?

What if heaven is knocking on your door and you choose your heaven now?

I have been watching too many Matt Fraser’s videos lately; that’s why the subject heaven comes in. 🙂 It’s just refreshing to listen to non-filter sincere people. Perhaps watch him too, and listen to what these dead people are having regrets about, very insightful.:)


Have a great day tomorrow; it will be the Lion’s Gate. 8.08.2023