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Photo: About 15y ago on the island called Muhu, a farm where I spent all my summers until I was 12 years old. If my Grandma could, she would call me out even from the other side not to lie on the old well, as the top used to be pretty rotten and there was danger of falling in. Catching the first sun rays, as it’s still cold in April, even trees do not have leaves on yet.

Here to say Thank You!

Thank you for reading, being interested in other ways to be here and not buying into the belief that fear, drama and suffering are the only ways to live.

Thank you for you! Thank you for looking into it. Truly!

Thanking in my heart the few that have always been there. Whiteout knowing how to support, and yet still helping just by being, without providing words or actions but letting me be.

Many of us are walking a path never walked before.

I keep meeting more of a weird kind; the seekers finders that actually know how to help each other, and I am feeling extensively grateful!

We all have different qualities. You, too, have some that you’re not probably aware of; that is your superpower; that is contribution to many others.

To find out what it is; 1. be still for a moment (it could be yoga, meditation or access bars that involves the least effort), 2. come home to you, and then let it in, trust it. It’s beautiful!:)

There are a myriad of tools out there. Choose what and who feels inviting to you! Every life coach, sportsman, politician, business guru has a coach; perhaps it’s time?

I am grateful for you reading here as I know that even if that’s the last I’m ever posting (it’s not), something has started to move in you. You have started to ask questions or see different perspectives.

I’m grateful I haven’t let myself be shaped by all the rights and wrongs. Not with ease, but I followed through just trusting that something else has to be possible than everything and everyone says there is or is living.

Things happened on the 8.08, and I am not even a big believer in astrology. 🙂 I got an email from the Brainz Magazine. I am going join their tribe as an Executive Contributor. To be honest, I didn’t think I was going to see it in my lifetime that I’m writing about things here or anywhere else. I didn’t think that time would come, or that I have time etc. Truth is one has to make a choice that serves them and through that many others. Can you see, in order to be able to serve others; you have to serve you first? PS; there are no perfect choices. Do not look for them! Choose at that moment, and then the next one and the next one.

Gratefulll! And, Now how can it get better than that!!??? 🌞

This song stirs emotions that defy description. Can you hear it? I would move in to this song and stay there if it wasn’t so heavy. I can’t comprehend how it has 64 likes, in this ‘perfect’ world. America is full of this kind of music!

I could use a tour guide in the music world; hey Universe bring it on! 🙂