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The chapter of Sex & Sin?

I had Christmas in July this year. I got all my 7 books from overseas and now I’m going to rediscover them with you.

The author, L.Viilma has tied God and religion throughout the books, and in a healthy, beautiful way (perhaps not in this one). I didn’t have a memory of that.

The chapter of Sex

It begins with explanations about religion, dogmatic mindset, behaviour caused by it. How woman was evil as she seduced the man, and the man was the victim of it all. Even if you are not a religious person, you will see how it still has an impact on your thinking.

Bible declares that conceiving a child is a sin, and the child itself is already a product of evil. That is where religion already contradicts itself.

How can any woman welcome her man with an open heart, if the man is there to force her to commit the sin? How can children be joy for their parents if they are a product of a sin? How can religious families love each other? The conclusion is that it has always believed in selectively and the church itself has been forced to be defeated by the same people that are in it or follow it.

If someone is determined as a sinner at the place they go for help, then they will be pushed more and more to the ground by the guilt they carry.

Power is a power is it religious or atheistic. When power was developed a little further and no one wasn’t crucified physically, then it was called democracy, and again everyone has to wonder, think hardly who’s democracy for?

Dogmatic thinking is an clinging to an understanding that calms the mind for a moment but actually is unable to develop the human mind; like a final standpoint (point of view) that isn’t researched further because of the fear of finding something out… It’s actually regression of an human mind.

Fear of being guilty and to be ashamed for are the greatest religious generated problems/stresses. A fearful person lives from other people’s points of view. The lower their self-esteem sinks, the greater the judgements they’ll get.

Atheism is just a protest against religion and therefore doesn’t create anything into this world either, but at least it doesn’t name life’s normal aspects to sins.

Originally, the Bible was different, untouched by power greedy by ‘selected elite’ who distorted the whole meaning of it.

If we knew how to actually read the Bible, then we would know that the Bible talks about all things spiritual and about the expression of it on earth, materialistic reality. Do not mind me for pointing out that you haven’t really given a thought or clarified for yourself the things that are declared as truth in there, but which doesn’t work out logically.

Religion makes a person the guilty one who knows why they are guilty.

Atheism makes a person irresponsible that doesn’t know why they suffer.

If a person has a sex life because of fear, then the result is scary. If the person lives sex life out of guilt, it results in blaming. If it’s lived from anger the result is infuriating. Everyday anger, that is not called anger, is proving.

Love comes, to love: for you to give what you have to give. Because of the made up sin it’s done as a responsibility. Responsible love is not love, its sex. And sex because of the responsibility is not sex; it’s a job, a slave’s job.

If the person lives their sex life lovingly, the result is love, that is happiness.

Sexual revolution changed religious prohibition to atheistic permissiveness, even for those calling themselves religious.

Sexology teaches us that there are 3 parts to having sex: 1. Heat up the woman for sex, 2.have sex, and down the woman after sex.

Do you know anything that has 3 ends in life? As far as I know everything has 2 ends. Including a man and a woman, both have 2 ends, as the sum of them is 4.

If the man has 3 parts to complete in sex, then what is the woman’s part? Just lie there and complain; yep looks like it. The woman who is waiting for love and sex from a man is not happy, because in sex like this woman can’t give anything.

Knowing that the man has to be the active part in terms of sex puts the woman into a shame to express herself in sex. As a result, the woman’s passion dies.

General ignorant knowledge like that is common on women and on men. Men miss out because of an understanding like this, and it’s rooted in religion. It’s long forgotten ‘knowing’ that a woman is the evil and that unconsciously has created the pattern of understanding what women should or shouldn’t.

So, who’s part is worming up the woman for sex? No doubt, it’s woman’s. If both parties are givers then the sex life improves and both are happy.

The greatest giving is giving love. In a great relationship there are no sex books or toys needed as in love the bodies lead without all those theories and addons.

Man is a spirit and woman is the soul.

(Translated and retrieved from ‘The book of survival’ part 7).

More related topics in this book:

The greatest guilt of all is a sin. What is sin? If the gut feeling says it’s a sin, then you yourself have determined it’s a sin.

A sin creates all the different health discords in sexual organs. Death of the sex drive and/or distortion, functional disorders, and the health of sexual organs decline.

Two good people living together trying to be good to each other while ignoring the sex subject.

Insensitivity apathy — who’ knows’ they are guilty, and they determine their suffering themselves. Accepting of being guilty creates apathy — lack of humane participation in a life. The more primitive is the person in their understandings; the more universal they think is sacrificing themselves or others.

What creates hyper sexuality?

Fake moral destroys moral

Prohibited to the virtuous

Dysfunctions of sexual organs in women and in men, all possible conditions

Why babies aren’t coming?

The problems with appetite related to the sexual life



What is the impact of contraceptives?

Excessive testosterone is excessive permissiveness

Self-proving and self-fulfillment

Baby who was conceived by their father in order to prove his manliness

Wanting to prove that I have the best partner, family, parents and children; what is it really?

Proving for others and for self. Proving for self creates greater sacrifice, and that kills all the feelings and makes a person even a bigger egoist.

Dysfunction of a metabolism.

Translated and retrieved from. Viilma, L. (2002). A teaching of survival. VII pp. 5-45. Apologies for the clumsy and heavy content, I have been writing various things for 8h today. I will fix it ups as I go. The original is just the same, hope you’re getting something out of it!

I felt enormous pull, some of you rushed me into it! 🙂 Remember it’s just an tiny part that doesn’t explain the whole, but gives an idea why our mind works the way it does.

How can it get better now?

Also, it looks like the more I’m writing the more I’m writing; so maybe there will be no time problem after all. lol

Have a great week ahead & expect miracles! Xx