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Photo: I do not have a good photo of hugging, I have an idea though…This one is borrowed.


‘I know I’m just a random lady at the store but can I give you a hug?’ Emotional scene from the ‘Flesh’ 2023. I really do not watch movies like that, but there aren’t many options these days really. Today I’m going to watch Barbie movie, eventually. I like things when they’re already ‘out of fashion’ or they aren’t ‘in fashion’ yet.

The movie scene reminded me myself from a million years ago sitting in the city’s bus stop looking like a misery itself, just enormously sad (I didn’t really need a reason for it I just was that), and then a little boy that was there with his mom; maybe 6 years old came up to me and asked me in Russian if he could hug me.

That is one very very special memory, he was like heaven sent…What made it very special was that we do not talk to strangers back there almost never or hug strangers or…but of course he was a Russian, they are much more open-hearted people. (Half of the capital city’s population are Russians, that came with the occupation of the country). Children have such a great intuition with no filter, until their parents interfere…:)

I have told you about my 90-year-old friend. I hugged her not a long ago, and she said thank you so much for that hug! Like it was some kind of…anything! I could’ve done it since we met. She has a lot of relatives around her, that I have met they are really nice people but probably there are these reserved relationships, as appropriate to these generations. Not fair to generalise though, as I grew up with lots of hugging and saw my parents do that all the time.

So, how could I do any less to make someone happy?

Ps. She is in the hospital now; she broke a few ribs…:(

It is weird the hugging thing…after my cooking classes, and 3-4h class, that doesn’t seem so long, we have been sharing all kinds of things, not only food journey, after that it just feels totally out of place Not to hug. That is the weirdest thing; I do not feel it even after the Bars session usually and with practically strangers… But somehow, I’ve had the best people coming on and I guess it feels like they’re my own after that something that is just a cooking class. And my perception is that they have felt it too.

See, that’s a good example, do I have more of me when I give a hug or when I don’t? I know the answer, but would it be received or rejected comes to mind. PS do not worry, I’m not going to, in case you are considering taking the class, lol.

I have a friend coming from the Sunshine Coast from time to time, and she is committed. When she picks me up, she gets out of the car to give me a hug first and then we will continue our journey. She is an awesome hugger, almost as good as I am 🙂

What is a good hug? The one you relax into and that is truly received. Have you started smiling yet?

Would you do that? Go and ask if that someone needs a hug? This would be better without asking actually, just to receive it. In what world? Heh…

What would the world be like?

Happy father’s Day!

Big hugs,