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Photo: yesterday, floor 50, ocean, starry night, city view.

What is your b… meter like? I meant Baloney Barometer or what did you think? lol

Mine is very receptive. It’s good and it’s not good.

I realized that I didn’t let in many things in my life when I was younger, and I’m actually grateful for that now. Although back at the time, I was thinking what’s wrong with me.

So, what is that you used to make yourself wrong for that actually was in place that you realise looking back now? Grateful?

I’m at an extreme end with it probably as I do not see the longevity of many things that have been created here in this world. The list is too long and maybe dark, so I’m not going to share it here just yet.

But that I sense has eternity in it are human contacts, experiences, relationships, love, the sky and the universe. That’s about it. These are the things beyond time and distance.

Many practices or even at job interview they ask you; do you think if it matters after 5 years or where do you see yourself after 5 years, I never knew how to answer it, it’s not a space for me.

If I would’ve answered that one honestly, I would’ve said: I do not see what’s the fuzz about; ; do you want a reliable employee and to get the job done? What is this job or company actually creating into the world? That would’ve hurt their self-importance and would not got the job. I have had one company that was here in Australia that I felt integrity that resonated with me and consequently my own willingness to commit. I guess that’s one of those once in a lifetime things. Or actually, how can it get better than that?

Talking about jobs. The barista that sells coffee to a person has more impact than the next person at the office, so if you are one, do not undermine it. It’s a human contact that has actually impact on someone’s day. I am going to a couple of places because of that: one corner shop near me that has bitter coffee, but the owner is so sweet (see the balance here 😊), and one place that has a great loud music in it and an ocean view; like no other café, well that is not in the city unfortunately.

Some human contacts, plans and relationships do not work out; but these were meant to be there in order to learn and actually make you see deeper inwards, inspire and trigger us to get clarity, move forward and do and be what we were meant to.

‘What is a man who gains the world and loses his soul?’ I recently heard it in a TV series. I can’t recall which one was it.

I would say it differently as times have changed now; what is a man who is true to his soul and gains the world?

I look around and…I sense it very much right now.

A good idea would be to create you as a human being, as you’re not going to lose that; like you can lose the material goods, or so-called security in this world. As you know from experience of the past 2 years, there is no such thing as security. Everything you put into yourself, to create yourself, is a real investment; it’s been never more true than now.

I would also say that everyone that has the skill to do something with their own body, create with it like art, or music  or buildings or grow food or heal or something else is in a good position.

Invest in yourself, and even if the world around you falls apart, you are like the deep end of the Ocean; the waves on top do not break you.

Invest in yourself means, choose where you put your attention to positive or negative, choose what you put into your body, choose a path to evolve mentally spiritually. Choose your knowing not the noise.

Ask: What else is possible I haven’t considered yet? 💚💚💚