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Diabetes, twin flame connection, giving and receiving.

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Do you want your life to be too sweet? Who wouldn’t?

Interestingly while I was writing and translating text about diabetes for the Holistic Bliss, I was very unwell, had a few good days perhaps, anyway, by writing this I realised I do adore my parents. It’s weird because they weren’t anything close to perfect, but somehow, I know they were for me. I loved the love that they had for each other. Now I know that was a love of two equals, and that is called the twin flame connection. They didn’t manage it well. They also had many Not good willed people around them and lots of envy, but that’s another story.

Usually couple up people that complete each other, and we have actually taught to look for that. Look for the opposite of you, because you aren’t complete.

Two equals have potential to create a big time into this world while’ the complete each other’ just complete each other, balance each other out, have a zero-sum union. I love that realisation; Can you imagine how much more is possible when these powerhouse people couple up? Power couple complement each other not complete each other.

I went to the GP eventually he did the blood tests and found out there is a risk for diabetes. I wasn’t surprised because I can google my symptoms. Interestingly, I haven’t eaten sugar most of my adult life. If I say haven’t eaten it doesn’t mean zero sugar, but it means mostly adder sugar, like some juices or carbonized drinks, fast food etc, but I still had candy or chocolate here and there. Neither side of my family, for generations have anyone ever had that disease until my dad was diagnosed by surprise about 5 years ago. Anyway, it seems I’m picking up the most horrific diseases, I used to joke about it when I was younger. I have to be my own doctor once again, at this stage anyway.

I also have to point out the fact that until 2 years ago, I had a pretty restricted menu because of my intolerances and some principals; however, it has changed drastically as I am eating most things now; it’s interesting coincidence that now this threat of diabetes came up. People around me were happy that I was kind of normalizing, becoming like everyone else on that matter. Now I am thinking did I do that because I wanted to become Normal, to become like other people? I suspect it could have been that. Does it serve me? Obviously not.

God knows where else I have been looking for the sameness, and what kind of crap has it created into my world!

It’s not serious for me, but it’s a contemplative moment for sure.

What did I know about my body, that I decided to ignore for the sake of ‘Normal’?

Think of where in your life have you tried to make yourself like everyone else, and if it has actually served you and your body?

Do you honour yourself with the choice you’re making?

Do you honour your body by making that choice?



Diabetes by L.Viilma


A normal human need is to give. To give what?

Brave person knows what to give – love, the most valuable.


Scared person rushes to make good for others, then they are well respected and loved. Doing good to themselves they leave it for others to worry about.

The measure of a blood sugar shows a person’s soul’s bravery to do good for themselves first. What does it mean?

The metabolism of a blood sugar expresses the process of changing a bad to a good in life.

It shows how a person’s life gets good: who does something to who. In everyday life we are used to; I will make other’s life good, and others have to make my life good.

Not a cell in our body can live without a food, including glucose. In the level of a thought it means that, in a balanced person – in a brave and wise person it is in balance and they’re living a normal life.

Who can see that stresses (some cases illnesses) are necessary parts of our path, and who takes care of their soul/corrects their thinking in occurrence of the new ones, they are balancing positive & negative within and they do not suffer.

The more balanced the person, the less they have to eat and the more stable is their blood sugar.

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