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Unrealistic Expectations: From Perfectionism to Drug Addiction

When a child is constantly pushed in the name of good, to an impossibly high standards, if their activities are viewed as unsatisfactory and it is always emphasized that they must become better than others, then they start to consider it normal and treat themself and others the same way.

It drives them to live in a fear of not being good enough, and without getting rid of their fears, they cannot get what they want, they suffer.

The sufferer’s attempt to suppress their emotions creates a premonition of mental death, which is more terrifying than physical death. Those who haven’t felt it don’t understand it either. A panicked fear of death leads him to drugs.

No one has a question in their mind if a child from a troubled family becomes addict but this classmate from a great home has suddenly become a drug addict. Why? After all, he had everything: money, beautiful clothes, intelligent parents. He was engaged in interesting hobbies, was the leader of the class, and he was respected. No one realizes that vigorous lumniousity was only a mask behind which the tragedy that the soul hides. Since childhood, he has seen only Impeccably presented life in the name of material well-being, a good name, the image of a respected member of society, a family that leaves a good impression. ‘Living for something’ is a justification that destroys the child’s individuality. Parents and other adults determine everything. Still in the name of good. A child must be, do, even think like their parents. He doesn’t know what freedom of choice means.

At some point, this child will see the truth. Goodness, which is held fast, has become a lie for him. Sanctity was destroyed. He wants to get rid of the nightmare that keeps him from living as a human. He wants to escape into oblivion.

The only thing that makes such a person feel human again is a drug. In a person under the influence of drugs, the mind is distracted and of course the fear of not being loved fades, which imprisons all other stresses. His fear that his love is not needed no longer stabs him directly into the heart. He now doesn’t care whether others like him or not, whether he adheres to the established, imprisoning norms of society or not, whether he is loved or not.

Both negative and positive emotions released simultaneously from the drug’s prison of fear provide that blissful sense of release that creates an irresistible urge to take drugs again and again. Addicts know exactly the difference between being mentally imprisoned and feeling free. No physical agony of imprisonment compares to the agony of a drug addict who has already tasted spiritual freedom. Only addicts understand each other. No physical body pain compares to the soul pain of drug addicts. That is why one drug addict gives his syringe to another, even if he himself is dying of AIDS.

 A person who has reached spiritual inescapability by suffering from fake goodness as the only goal of life, can become addicted to it from a single use of the drug. Addiction is an escape into reality, where good and bad both exist. Drug addiction is worse than alcoholism and any other drug addiction, the amount of stress for drug addicts is greater. But the worst thing is that for the addict, tomorrow ceases to exist, and he does not understand that he is destroying the very essence of life – the movement into the future.

 Humanity does not know, but feels the special danger of drug addiction, and that is why the fight against it is fierce. Unfortunately, fighting the problem makes the problem worse, and the destructive reach of drug addiction expands. Punishing children is useless if their parents do not change their consumerist mentality. As long as there are consumers, there will be producers.

Where the light of love disappears, there comes the darkness of drug addiction.

A little drug frees the imprisoned spirit. History knows how creative people have created masterpieces under the influence of drugs, but ultimately sacrificed themselves to drugs for the sake of such self-fulfilment, prolonged stress or pressure can be detrimental to mental health or well-being.

Drug use destroys the energy body and spirituality.

The destruction of spirituality is always preceded by the destruction of the soul and making the body suffer. A drug addict needs physical suffering; then the pain of the soul is felt less.

(Dr.Viilma, L. 1997, A Teaching of Survival: Part 3, pp. 223-243).




It’s official statistics, what do you think the reality is like? ‘According to the most recent National Drug Strategy Household Survey, published by the Australian Government Department of Health, one in five Australians (20.4%) aged 14 years and older reported illicit drug use in the previous 12 months, up from 18.4% in 2013-14. Illegal drug use includes cannabis, ecstasy, methamphetamine (ICE), cocaine, hallucinogens, and heroin.’

Among Americans aged 12 years and older, 37.309 million were current illegal drug users (used within the last 30 days) as of 2020. 13.5% of Americans 12 and over used drugs in the last month, a 3.8% increase year-over-year (YoY). 59.277 million or 21.4% of people 12 and over have used illegal drugs or misused prescription drugs within the last year.

What this story is about is that parents are putting materialistic and unrealistic expectations on their children instead of giving them love and the warmth that is the only thing they need to grow into being their own person, creation and leader of their lives.

Some are having plans for their child already before they are born, sometimes this kind of control and restricted, forced reality takes away the willingness to be or live or makes them a soulless robot. Human is all about creation and creativity. Loving love is a process but more and more, everyone wants ‘results’ from themselves or from others. Sometimes even the baby is the result…

Not all people get addicted, but the ones who do are influenced, conditioned like in an example above.

Viilma’s teaching is all about forgiveness, she says the only thing bigger than giving love is giving forgiveness.

In this case if it’s easy for you forgive; your parents, yourself. Ask forgiveness from your body that you didn’t know better at the time.

If you are one or know one;

Know that you can very well get high from the spiritual processes or even life itself, what if you do not need drugs for that?

Get into the space where you just can be, where the wrongness dissolves, where’s the space of no judgement. Try access bars, there are people who have got help from it.

Distance from people who constantly remind you how sick you are.

Your mindset is towards healing, even if it is at first subtle and quiet knowing or dreamlike thought that you will get better.

You do not have to know how, you just know now…