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You Should Always Take What Resonates

Photo: @ Coolangatta, Kirra Beach couple of weeks ago.


I feel like I went through a fire within the last week or two. I still haven’t got it, why the most amazing things in life (one of my favorite human visiting) tend to pair with the most awful ones? I do not want to complain as I do understand somewhere in me I have made that choice that I’m living…what would it take to change that to Ease now please? Everything that doesn’t allow that please d&u. Everyone who contributed, I got it and I’m truly grateful for your energy, and know that it Worked! ♥️

Someday I will write a memoir about it, but it’s not something I want to put my mind to or is really very interesting only maybe if you are a migrant it might be.

I also wanted to point out that, whatever the topic here, is not there to make you wrong, Ever! It’s there for you to gain awareness of those things. For example, even if you do not have the health condition, it’s still interesting to see where is it coming from. Or maybe not…:) it’s just me.

Awareness – seems a lot, sometimes uncomfortable at first but it is beneficial, in a long run, you will get happier, it gives you peace of mind, knowing that you made that choice and also knowing you can choose different now.

What if there are no wrong choices but just choices?

I’m interested why things or people are the way they are, although it’s not that interesting at times when I see their hearts, and yet they act exactly the opposite to that.

It is the societal insanity that Tolle is talking about, constant creation of hurt and drama. Everything that is times a godzillion will you d&u.

It’s probably ego, that is afraid to get hurt. How do you know if it’s ego or You? Every thought coming from your ego is painful, heavy, sad, angry contracting etc. Thoughts coming from your true self are always light, loving, funny expanding. Fear is a made-up thing that we’re trained into, so it’s not real. In a true self there are no buts; there is a knowing, to hear that requires a little bit of training that could be quieting your mind.

Everything you read or hear doesn’t have to resonate with you, always take only what does and leave the rest. I am pretty sure that reading the chapter about drugs was that kept me from having any desire ever to try anything. No parent advice or school education could’ve done that. It became a choice (it wasn’t my parents controlling). What would you choose if there wasn’t controlling in your life?

So, what is the fear of getting hurt? Where is it coming from? Your true self can’t get hurt. I realised why access has been indicating to love as ‘a distractor implant’, they think there’s no choice with it. It sounds logical, but I am not buying into it. It’s partly true, as you can’t choose who you’re loving. Another half of it though is you always have a choice to love…anyway. You have plenty; no need to hold back 🙂 truly!

Did you do the ‘Reset’ with Dain Heer? If you did, then you probably exploded; However, if you felt weirdly lighter after the call, then…it’s true for you. If you felt like you wanted more of it, it’s true; or even if you had some tears, you released something. The reason you wanted more is because in a way these calls give you more of You, so that’s how it feels like to be you! Feeling like a happy 6-year-old with money, like Dain says.

My health update, I had poisoning from a protein powder, one thing I started to eat 2 years ago in a tiny amounts every morning, therefore all the other complications that propelled to the fear of diabetes. I found it out because of Healy that kept me telling all this time: Food imbalance, allergy Meridian, bacteria, liver. I was nauseous, had headaches, heartaches and other awful things since August. I’m a little disappointed it took so long for me to find out/realise that.

It’s a big brand, but I wouldn’t say the name because maybe it’s just some kind of allergy or intolerance that I have; however, if you’re in Australia and want to know, you can message me. It was so good I’m going to miss it 🙁

We have trained to live from the heaviness but what if the other side of it is true? Living from lightness?

Question to ask with everything: Does it make me lighter or heavier choosing that?

If there is still fight or proving or resistance than it’s not the choice to make.

What would it be to be as happy as you truly are? What Would it be Like????🎶🎶🎶