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My mom just left and it’s as quiet as the rose in the photo that she gave me and some for every room before leaving.

Quiet isn’t always great…, surely in this case.

She is a spacewoman emphasized space, no judgment, no pushing, no worries, and I’m always there for you. She is one of the most amazing people that I’ve met yet. I can be cheeky with her and she is going along, so we really do have fun, still…I mean, I took her to the punk concert last time she was here because there was nothing else on at the time.

There were serious topics this time as well, like never to talk about topics that you have or you do not have with your parents when they get older. She is usually so far away that it doesn’t leave much time to leave things unspoken.

She said I do too much, read and listen and research, and worry and care, that I should relax, be and live more. Perhaps there is truth in it. It’s some kind of escapism again…, but I quite love it, and I do have my sunshine and music on my Air Pods…; challenges that I choose to conquer and open to what else could be there?

She doesn’t follow any specific spiritual practices herself other than learned how to do bars and grabs Viilma’s book if something gets wrong with the body, she follows herself. I just realised that has been the challenging part for others…inc me.

She’s not the kind of mom, that has answers or you ask questions like should I move there, or should I choose that or should I marry him etc? Not that I would ask anyone or ever have asked these questions anyway;). Already since my teenage years she said you know these things much better than I do. That’s empowering.

PS. If you have to ask anyone else these questions but you, and if you do not know then it’s not time yet.

In the radio started playing ‘That’s easy love’ (Pacific Avenue)…heh is there such thing? What if there is though?  Makes me think, what would it be like if I didn’t have to be brave all the time? What would it be like to be in ease?

It feels like my heart is cracked wide open by having her here; didn’t realise I needed it.

She is absolutely charmed by Australia & oven baked self-made Barramundi, and I am too still…:)


Question from the ‘Reset’: What is that you know beyond your own definition of happiness? …that if you would let yourself go with it would create the life you’ve been asking for?


Greatfullllll❤️ and in pain


Have a great Eclipse once again on the 28th! It’s a great time for a spiritual renewal, and to line up your asks/wishes, says my favourite astrologist, witch lady.