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What kind of a man are you?! Part 2

According to medical statistics some diseases are more common among women than men. Why is that?

Remember what you read before: the front side of the body carries the feelings i.e. female energy, the back of the body carries the energy of the will i.e. the male energy. Without doubt, female diseases are more often located in the front and male diseases in the back of the body.

Due to the collective consciousness of the gender, the man knows that he has a responsibility to provide for the material needs of the family (the country, and he continues to provide, more and more, forcing the growth of material values to such an extent that poor Earth groans under its weight. It is impossible to go any further.

But women keep insisting on more…

Why do men keep on acting the way they do?

Mankind is in mental crisis, or, in other words, a crisis of love.

Mothers have no time to love their children; they have to work like crazy to accumulate more on the material side. Boys suffer more from the lack of motherly love, because their spirit is more fragile than that of girls. When growing up, the boy subconsciously starts to strive for the love of a woman, the mother. “What kind of a man are you if you can’t so much as buy me a ticket to the movies!?”

And the collective feeling of guilt bends the boy to the ground. It has nothing to do with a movie ticket – it is the humiliation that hurts most. As time goes by, the cinema ticket grows into a car, and then a house, but the eternal “What kind of a man are you!?” doesn’t go away – it continues its destruction. The young man is soon impotent and finally, gangrene may strike. It now seems that the woman is justified in demanding, “What kind of a man are you!?”

Once again, let us review the distribution of the will-related energies in the body:

AlI governed by FEAR.

Think of the vicious circle most men find themselves in these days:

  1. Fear of not being loved.

Drives men to chase after fame and fortune senselessly and blindly.

  1. Fear of not being able to provide for the family – the man becomes impotent.

Third and fourth lumbar vertebrae govern the reproduction organs, the terrifying feeling of guilt robs them of the wish to perform.

  1. Inability to cope with economic problems breeds fear – if and how he will be able to find the strength to fight it all? Gangrene strikes. If the right foot is afflicted, the problem has to do with the female gender, if the left foot is afflicted, with the male gender.

It is easy to blame somebody who is carrying around a load of guilt – he will admit to anything, even when fighting back with words. Any woman who throws the same accusation in his face, will hit the target, and his own wife will surely score a bull’s-eye.

The reaction to accusation differs from individual to individual: some fight back angrily, some start to self-destruct quietly. There are lots of variations but in any case, both sides will lose – the woman as well as the man.

The headaches women so frequently suffer from – the radiculitis of the neck, aching shoulders and hands – what are they caused by? And what about the tears, the despair, the regret? Again, the same thing. The cause is the fear of not being loved. The bigger the fear, the more serious the sickness. And what is the cause of fear? The accumulation of guilt. Even if we do our best to deny our mistakes, our spirit knows the truth and reacts accordingly.

 What is the heart of a woman? It is a never-drying up fountain of love.

So, draw from it the one substance it is so rich in – love. If you love and forgive, your life will return to normal.

We women have to ask men in general and our partner in particular to forgive us for all the blame women have put on men, even if we personally have never uttered an accusing word. We should ask them for forgiveness.

Even if we have never thought such things ourselves but have quietly agreed even other women, because their husbands are supposedly no good.

We have to forgive ourselves, for by humiliating men, we have been demeaning ourselves. We have cast destruction on the whole of human kind, as by our actions, the men are stopped from swelling the population. The child of a mother with such views, irrespective of its gender, will carry the same stresses and complexes from birth.

Now, this is not meant to be taken as an accusation against women or pity for men.

The man is the head, the woman is the neck, supporting the head. Both are important, but the man is still the head. Men should take pride in their clear and logical thinking and have more dignity. Everyone in this world should know his proper place and obligations towards Mother Nature.

Everything blocking the road and standing in the way of progress will be set aside. Often the release is carried out on the physical plane by dying, or destroying someone else. The one who destroys will have to pay, and if he says: “I don’t care!”, he very soon will.

Forgive women for their shallow logic and their thoughtlessness.

Forgive them for their accusations – they are just cries of pain from the bottom of their heart, out of fear that love is disappearing. Forgive the mothers for not knowing how to bring children into this world with love and for not finding the time to raise them. Forgive them for asking fear to baby-sit for their children. It is a lesson for the whole of humanity and he who understands it and forgives will be released from all this distress. His family will be whole.

If your family has been torn apart or your spouse has died, then you should know that by forgiving the past you are building your future.

The first thing you should do is talk to your stresses. Forgive your fear, guilt and economic problems just the way they are. Forgive yourself for having taken them inside you and ask your body to forgive you for harming it by doing so. It will then be easier tor you to forgive and ask forgiveness of all women, and all women can forgive all men the same way. Mistakes are made to be learnt from.

I often hear frightened woman complain, ‘Doctor, I have been told that my health is in a such a terrible state because of my husband – he is sucking the life energy from me like a vampire.’ What can I do? He treats me so badly?’

What else was the poor man supposed to do!? His life depends on his wife’s love, but she is keeping it walled in, while at the same time torturing herself with the fear of not being loved. The man is the taker by nature the woman is the giver that’s a fact of life. Woman is the one who invites, and chooses.

Dear women, you must release your fears and let your love flow free.

Don’t be afraid that the fountain of love in your soul will run dry. If you give, you’ll receive back twice as much. You’ll find yourself falling in love with your partner over and over again, just as it used to be at the beginning of your relationship. Remember the good times and the precious moments.

Know that if you feel unhappy, you have to let the bad things go in order to let the good things into your heart. Don’t think for a moment that your husband is enjoying his bad behaviour. Vicious people feel terribly bad inside because they are suffering from a deficiency of love.

The man is the taker and the woman is the giver – it is as simple as that. But you can only take if there is something to give. If a woman gives freely because she enjoys her role as the giver, then the man will receive happily, enjoying his role. He, in his turn will give his physical strength and reasoning mind. Both are tied together by a happiness that keeps on growing in time. Love can grow only by giving. Unfortunately, mankind today has been more of a taker, demanding what he considers to be rightfully his and getting angry if refused.

Think for a moment about your work colleagues. Maybe there is someone playing the vampire, just like the man in the last example. Instead of avoiding him, forgive your fears and let your love flow to him. Feed him with your love and you’ll see that very soon the so-called vampire will cease to exist. What remains is an eager individual who hurries on to the future at such a rate that his own energy is not enough to keep him going. When the wall of fear falls down, the energies are set free and not only your immediate department but the whole company will start to move upwards with surprising speed.

(Dr.Viilma, L. 1997, A Teaching of Survival, pp. 68-71).


Comment: By reading it might feel there’s no way we can get it right;…what if getting aware is enough?

If that’s not for you to read, that’s fine. I know 4 people who can, and that is not a lot, but that’s not zero.

My takeaway is that obviously the way things are is not working; so there must be points of views that haven’t been considered yet in order to get to a better.

Heh, I’m glad I got over with it! Over with many things, as it is at the end of the year, it’s appropriate time.

Do I need a bodyguard now? 🙂 All the angry ladies…no worries, there will be about men and their behaviors, how and why they aren’t able to recognize love etc. Although the answer is already in the text above, lack of motherly love in their childhood.

It all comes down to LOVE. People have forgotten to take time for it, and rushing through life, taking the easiest opportunities, it has consequences though just like fast food has.