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Are you all in?

Are you all in?

Recently, people who have been All IN to access consciousness for over 10 years have turned around and are now bashing and trolling throughout social media the main characters created the organisation.

Reading these posts is embarrassing; grownups talking like 2nd graders about other people, people they were even friends at some point. The underlying problem like it often is, is money. Someone got less than expected.

It is ‘ impressive’ how people can just twist everything, every little thing…

Like someone said, be afraid of your biggest fans, and wow it’s true!

Why I am talking about this is that: Don’t you have your own knowing???

What are the bashers talking about now, was always known info; a la ladies men, money oriented but also that some great things that simply work. Like the Bars session, it just works.

For whatever reason the organization was initially created, some things work, like in life generally, you have to choose what works!

I have attended very few classes, and that I picked were phenomenal, and yet, I never choose a class about relationships, because my healthy mind says that I do not take advice from a person who still talks crap about their ex, who’s longest relationship is a high school crash or who thinks that sex with a stranger is the answer for getting out of a bad mood. No offense here if you’re reading!

I do not mind  anyone choosing that just I wouldn’t teach others doing the same as it simply creates more drama.

And if you are reading, then your ‘method’ keeps going on horizontal, never vertically, because you’re in denial of fundamental truths, one that is Love. Access could be the best method if it actually included everything, including Universal truths!

By teaching rootlessness, it’s going to circle back to you as it already shows.

However, like Tolle says only unconscious people could be used, and of course everyone has some moments in times.

I have frequently been advised to remain silent on behalf of others, yet I find it challenging to tolerate behavior that undermines anyone, regardless of whether they ‘deserve it’ or not. I just think that as humans, we have evolved beyond and come further than that.

Taking responsibility of your own choices, recognizing it wasn’t a great choice, acknowledging it, having a courage to make changes, and move on without judging yourself or others that is humane.

What if you had more consciousness in your life now that you have ever been willing to receive before?