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Reviving Inner Light: A Journey from Confusion to Clarity

Photo: Byron Bay coffee. Seems that coffee is starting to leave me. I can tolerate it less for whatever reason. Hope not though. I had my first coffee at 6 years old topped up with whipped cream.

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My client’s case.

I met her maybe 2 years ago in Mind Body Spirit festival. She had been coming for a Bars session monthly for about a year;

Recently I hadn’t seen her for about 4 months since her last bars session. She was overseas for a few months to see her family and her partner’s family. It was supposed to be kind of setting the date and planning the wedding trip, but what she said was that she is now more confused than she was before. She spent most of the time there with her family, and he spent it with his. Arranging her appointment, I could tell through her text messages that she wasn’t in a happy place right now.

She says he is emotionally unavailable, and she always has to be the initiator; plan and organize and take care of him.

She is working in a high position at the office, and said she feels like there’s a wall between her and other employees. Her job is to do the brain work all days long, and after work she doesn’t know how to stop that constant thoughts rolling around in her head.

Her energy felt like a stagnant contracted pile of misery. It is so interesting how different can the same person’s energy be. I had known her for a bit, I knew that it’s not her, I had seen her bright energy before, so I really knew it’s just right there to be revived/accessed.

She also said that she has been thinking of moving out and living by herself, or going back to her birth country; spend some more time/taking time to giving a deeper thought to her life with the same breath talking about The Date being too far away in next year…?!?

Confusion here for sure.

The planning economy; collective fear of missing out, crazy really. Trying to decide with a lot of hesitation just because of ‘its’ time’ or parents’ expectations or societal norms. However, sometimes marring the wrong person takes off the pressure from finding the right one as no one ever knows if that happens in this lifetime. (NB!it’s not an advice!).:) In science, it’s called the method of exclusion, might take some time though as it does in science.

I was in total allowance with her, I didn’t give her advice or solve her problems. She is the one having her answers. I noticed what it was but she maybe didn’t just yet, but she will.

In terms of her job, I suggested her a few questions to ask her colleagues to break the wall, I can very well see where she’s coming from, I have had many good years in corporate environment. You can’t change other people but your own perspective and input.

After the bars session the clouds were lifted, she said she could feel the difference and she even smiled; there was a sense of possibility in her eyes.

I didn’t give her answers but she got more of her and got closer to her own knowing, clarity, therefore some peace of mind, and the sense of nothing is Wrong actually. It’s alright to contemplate and sit with what is. Nothing is wrong, you are not wrong.

Where would you like you to create your life from?

From the drama and trauma or from the Space of who you really are, where your true creative nature lives the aligned you from where life with different quality can arise.

What gives you more of you?


That inspired me to shout out for office rats, message me if you’d like a trial day at your office where people can have mini sessions.

Bars session: if you can’t stop your thoughts,

Would like some new creative ideas or clarity

Peace of mind

Relaxed body

Sense of not everything is a problem, some things just are

Looking for a change in your life

Accessing You etc.