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Photo insight: fashion show. For prep work, I had to double my protein intake and morning exercise (instead of 5, I had to do 10 exes :)) in order to make the dress look good. Thin is not cutting it. I’m not good at keeping it up though. How can it get better?


Are you a psychic? My friend of 3.4 years asked me that yesterday when we were hanging out. For a once it was just me and her. She is social in every sense you can think of; therefore, there are always other people around.

The question sounded weird, as she really doesn’t believe in things like that. She grew up religious, but she doesn’t fully practice or believe in that either.

I asked her, Why would you think that? She scrolled through her Facebook messages, and then she showed me what I had written…

She does know what I’m doing, but she has no time to read, or she’s not really interested in these things.

That makes me wonder and be grateful for myself for being interested in a million things in this world; if I were only interested in what I’m practicing, thinking, or writing, it would be quite a boring world. I met her when I was first volunteering for the fashion shows a few years ago.

She showed what I had written to her; it was really about the greatness that she is. Perhaps she thought only she knew these things. For me, it is simply Obvious.

She asked, Do you hear voices, or where is it coming from? She looked very suspicious, as she really wanted to hear some solid information on it.

I do not hear voices. I said to her, It’s been like that since my childhood; I just know. I always knew when my parents didn’t tell me the whole truth. PS: That’s the ‘formula’ how we lose the connection with our intuition; our parents invalidate our knowing. Words can lie, but energy can’t lie (it can be manipulated, though). This answer didn’t do anything to her; she wasn’t happy with that.

I asked my friend, who has known me for 17 years, what he thought, and he said you’re connected. I quite like it! I’m connected.

Like for many connected people, it doesn’t mean I can see my own s…tuff with the same clarity, although I’m getting better at that too, so that’s why I have someone that mirrors me, and that is absolutely amazing, helpful, and up-levelling!

Do you know how amazing You actually are? Has anyone looked into you, and told you that? No, not in a shallow way, it’s something that is deep within you that you think only you should know…that no one has ever put words to before.

I noticed last year that when a person arrives and hovers above me, their energy can be overwhelmingly intense. That is the only time I run to the wind. Anyway, what would it take to change that too? So, that I can take it all!

My big lesson in terms of that has been to become in allowance with what people are choosing. Many just aren’t even trying and get buried in the heaviness of that reality or the wrongness that was imposed on them, never trying to find out what their greatness is.

You have greatness; what is your greatness? Do you know?

If you think of how you were raised, then was the wrongness or the greatness of you emphasised? What if you turn it around now, what would that create in your life? How would your life be, created from the greatness of you?

What if you recognised the greatness that you actually are? What would that create for you and for the rest of the world?

What would it be like if you actually believed that you Know?

I am going to go to the concert at the end of the month. It’s a very special collaboration for the artist herself, and I’m just so abnormally excited! You already knew I’m not normal in terms of loving music that much, so go with it. 🙂


A song and artist in my ‘ list’ to see. I saw his ex back when Umbrella was hot, and she didn’t know where she was, what country, city, or… I was there with the person who actually brought her to the country, and he wasn’t impressed. Interesting memory anyway.