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The Dance of Intuition and Letting Go

Photo: Roses, so beautiful that they woke me up at 1 a.m. when I took that photo. Actually, I haven’t slept the whole week; it happens occasionally, so that’s all good. I’m not really a nature maniac; I just love some flowers and nature here where I am.

These are goodbye flowers from a client. There was a lot of mutual respect and trust. I said on FB that I could get payed with flowers and music and perhaps something else, but, yes, that’s not that planet. One wonderful human commented that flowers and music can be a dream payment, but the mutual respect and trust you develop are priceless. That brought me down to Earth, and this time it was better than the cloudland! 🙂 I am grateful for the beautiful people that you are!


Last time, I had a full day of full-on intuition training with someone I call my coach. Although I suspect can’t afford her, but it seems we are contribution to each other, so it happens often that we are working together. We are always creating magic that actualizes.

More of that, please! 🙂

One part of the training helps you to see, gives you evidence (that our logical mind asks for) that you actually have intuition, and also helps you to make a difference, whether it’s your intuitive message or one that’s coming from the egoic structure. You can also learn it in William’s work (Natural Success), which I have talked about here before. He has another 5-day online class coming up. That’s the only spiritual class that I’ve seen that has half male participants.

There was an exercise called I am Present. It turned out to be like creating a meditation. I started talking, and wards just came to me: If I can extract it from the Zoom call, I will post it to Instagram (IG in the footer) at some point.

Everyone did that exercise one by one as words came to them. Mine was as far away as Pluto from the Earth compared to others. It doesn’t happen in my life that I compare myself to anyone because I know I’m weird or different, but for some reason I went to the wrongness of me. Hard to explain, inside of me I knew I was not wrong, but I felt resistance on the surface level, and very strongly. I didn’t continue with the rest of the two days, as I couldn’t force myself to do that. Such a thing has never happened; I’ve always pulled it through. Even the speakers’ seminar that was a complete disaster where the world’s ‘famous’ female speaker was mocking people. Yes, well, sometimes everything is the opposite of what it appears to be. After that, I never took any of these reality-based classes, and I am not sure if I ever will. I’d rather let superiority, arrogance, and greed live on the other side.

This time, I was worried about offending the teacher, then I was worried if I’d stay, that she has to worry about me because I’m different than the rest of the group, and therefore how to adjust the class, etc. That’s a lot of worry; it’s something I’m working on. It’s been since my childhood that I was always worried about someone.

I took my power in my own decision-making and felt like flying after that, and of course she wasn’t offended; she is a very aware person and has always told me the difference that I am.

Where I went south was that I just love hanging around her because we always create magic that actualizes. I never asked myself if this class was for me that involved many other people and therefore other energies.

Not everyone and everything’s vibrations are a match for where we are going. I am no longer afraid to withdraw my presence from places, spaces, and connections. I’m no longer showing up for what is not showing up for me.

The moral of the story It’s ok to leave when you do not feel it’s for you, and leave now rather than later, when staying could cause more trauma than leaving early. A decision has to come from awareness, not from the egoic mind.

I have been contemplating leaving something that has been quite a while in my life, and truly, it makes me wonder how much more proof I need that it’s not working anymore. It does absolutely nothing, but it used to be so efficient. I do not know why I keep it there; is it silly loyalty, nostalgy of the efficient times, or is it just something to do? (read: avoidance of me). It’s not a contribution to my life anymore.

What is it that you’re holding on to in your life that isn’t contribution to your life anymore? What is the value of holding on to it?

What if something wants to leave and make space for new energies to enter? Oh, and what would it take not to avoid and have ease with change?