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Photo: at the movies the other day. Can you guess the movie? You sure can! 🙂

The quote: I wouldn’t say wait…perhaps stay still for a bit, then clarity can access your awareness.

The movie, I love that it takes time to roll out the story—almost 3 hours. Could that be one of the factors contributing to its success? What can you tell with a 1-hour movie, and a bigger question: what can you receive in an hour?

Even if the story has all of its elements packed into one hour, we usually miss a lot of it.

Just like in life, if we have no awareness, we miss it.


What if it’s time for slow movies, slow cooking, slow relationships, and slow friendships, slow everything?


I know the world tells you the exact opposite, but what do you choose?


What is the change it could create for you and for many others if you’d choose for you this time?

What is contribution to your mind, body, and soul today? What if you pay attention, meaning you gain awareness?


Ha-ha, nine days of ocean sounds have done their job with me. So, now, how can it get even better than that?

Happy Sunday to You! Expect miracles nothing less!


And, of course, the amazing music of the movie by Hans Zimmer. He was in Brisbane 4 or 5 years ago, and it was quite good; just the sound could’ve been better. Well, at least he didn’t cancel the concert like it tends to happen these days. 🙂

He has made music for Interstellar, The Lion King, Gladiator, Inception, Top Gun Maverick, etc.