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Photo: Nasa’s Eclipse photo

Cosmic Growth…

It’s Healy’s new frequency programme that they offered for a testing period about a month ago, and Oboy cosmic growth it has been.

I was thinking about writing about the two weeks of horror that I’ve been through, and then I was thinking, what would you gain from it anyway? It was the second worst time of my life—these two weeks. I might live 20 years less because of the worry I went through, but you know, I do not have to do 120; 100 will do. I’ll make sure to make the best out of it. lol. It might seem that I tend to write only about rainbows and sunshine, but I actually carry a worry with me, or have been. Now it starts to take the direction I should’ve gone 10 years ago.

However, a miracle occurred, and within literally minutes, the solution arrived. In case you wonder what I call a miracle this time, it is when different parts of the world, people, and entities start to work together as by magic in a timely manner. Every minute mattered!

Just now I learned that one of my favourite local artist has a tour dates out, and do you know, she has a concert on my birthday in Brisbane…synchronicities of the roofs!❤️

Listening her live concert from Sydney Opera House, how good is that! There’s a new fair platform for musicians that she is using for it.

Today is a good day!

I never post in the evening, something has changed…or…somewhere in the world is morning 🙂

In this month’s article for the Holistic Bliss, I talk about, first of all, anger that causes allergies, asthma, gallstones, and cancer. Read more here:Holistic Bliss



Music in my air pods, in all this madness the sound of it is perfect: