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Do you suffer your rightness?

Photo: I got my albums from overseas the last time Mum was visiting. 14-year-old me. Age does good for some of us :). I’m wearing Nirvana’s t-shirt. Nevermind is probably the only album in my life that I used to and probably still know the words by heart. I do not really know why, perhaps because it was easy to sing along and I have well-developed neck muscles thanks to that music. 🙂

On the other hand, hearing the Barbie song…still hurts. I had it on the runway just recently; it’s criminal. 🙂

You want to get it right even if it’s only for this time, for once in your life!?

You keep forcing and forcing the rightness (the rightness that your family or society has imposed on you, that is right by them, not by you) = suffering, and you can’t get it why life is so hard.

It drains your life force, joy, and beautiful being of you.

You are here now; today, you can make a different choice Now!

Reminder: Right is light, and what’s not right for you is heavy.

You know what? I just realised looking at the photo. It’s so much easier to be wrong then you do not fight it; it just is. It reminds me of 14-year-old me when I was wearing teared jeans and tanker boots. I was very much relaxed into it (into the wrongness of me) and couldn’t care in the world what anyone thought. My chemistry teacher once asked me, Do you sleep wearing these?’ I said almost (snappy). We had compulsory uniforms until the 9th grade, not in high school. She made me wash the classroom floor because I was wearing these, and she probably just didn’t like me, which is alright; I didn’t like chemistry. It also inspires me to write about teenagers from a different perspective, sometime soon.

What if nothing is wrong, it the other people’s thoughts and feelings you buy into.

If you have to fight for your rightness or prove it then it’s not yours. In being you, there’s no fight in there; you are that; you’re living it.

Followup for the previous post: My body got really sick after all that stress, which was normal; it had to release all that accumulated stress.