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Different Perspective

Wait, it’s not my dream!

Photo: On the Gold Coast


I was part of another awesome activity as I do a million things, and after that, I saw a friend sharing: ‘dreams come true’. It made me stop for a moment, as I was thinking, Wait, it’s not my dream! Therefore, should I be doing it at all?

I decided to continue just a little bit, until it’s fun.

Have you had that? Catching yourself living someone’s dreams but not sure if these are yours?

What keeps me going is that it’s not IT, but it feels just a bit like what I’m asking for. That’s how I have been operating for the last 4 years or maybe already decades but without awareness of it, and I must say I’m doing, being, and loving how it works. Perhaps try it.

Pick up little hints; it’s just a tiny enthusiasm you feel thinking of it (it might seem like a totally ‘wrong’ reason to go there or do that) that doesn’t even make sense at the time, but it will. Moving forward even if you think you’re not ready, there will be people around you to serve you a little kick that propels you forward. Was that kind? Lol

That’s creating inside out. It’s not logical, and it’s not motivated action, it’s inspired action without expectation, separation or judgement.

Just recently, my friend said I do not want Australian marriage; I do not want what my parents have and what my friends are living, and he is Australian himself, and I know what he means. Culturally, we are very much the same, even in humour. Only Australians are normally lighter in spirit, so I’m thinking they have sunshine to thank for it. I was single/=alone for 10 years because I knew I didn’t want what my parents or my friends had; I wanted something different. I wanted my own without actually having cognitive understanding of what it is. You can imagine that I was feeling quite hopeless, especially because I had various social circles where I met a lot of people. Ps you absolutely do not need to have that, ‘in order to meet’ that someone. I never met my partners through existing circles. No need ‘to put yourself out there’. Yes, I have a different perspective on that too.

Or another example: all these online entrepreneurs are claiming that they do nothing and still make loads of cash. All about how they do Nothing and still make money! I know it’s a trend; it’s popular these days to Do Nothing. Parents are teaching their kids to go and study, so they shouldn’t have to do anything for the rest of their lives. We have the highest level of depression and anxiety, wonder if it’s connected? The freedom from time created by money should create something more valuable. People do not know what to do with all this freedom or with themselves. We are here to create, whatever it is, money also but without awareness, it has no value.

But what if it’s not you? What if you actually want to do things with your hands? Make something? Get ready, as the do-nothing clan will need you badly!

At times like this, right now you create your own in everything—the way it aligns with you, your income, your relationships—your whole life. Learn to listen to your heart (I got Roxette playing in my head). It’s like training a muscle. Starting by quieting your mind, dissolve the outside noise. Get your Access Bars session or listen to Abraham Hicks on YouTube. With time, you’re starting to recognise and make a difference in where your thoughts are coming from. Outside or from inside. It’s a marathon it’s not a sprint.

How do you know you have to create your own? You do not feel like you fit in; you want something different that has been. Many feel that way and yet aren’t brave enough to try something different, therefore keep suffering. Knowing what you do not want is a big help, great start!

Do not make yourself wrong for wanting different than is! There will always be people telling you to lower your standards, or do it already to rush you into something, etc. If you’re like me, then pushing makes you resist it.

Who’s dreams have you made as yours? Etitagwdaucan (The clearing statement)

Ask: What’s fun for me today? What parts of my life do I actually enjoy? What if I could have more of it? What if I could have it aligned with me? How would my life be then? How would it be creating my life from alignment? Choose one area, and make changes.

Like I’ve said before, those who create in a different way create in a big way, and it’s You!

Music: Australian musician. His concert was one of the best concerts of last year, and I even didn’t know I could enjoy that kind of music so much!