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choice that you are not making

Are you suffering from not making the choice? Ask in different areas of your life. What’s that I’m not choosing here to make it happen? I had a pick-me-up greatness reading the other day, and it’s hard not to go to the judgement of me. I mean, it’s really hard! I’d like to take the shovel and…

I needed picking up because of the life trauma that I had recently. Firstly, I didn’t think I had to call it that, but that’s what it was. I thought I’ll leave what I’ve worked for years because it felt like it took a peace of me this time, and I do not know if I’ll get it back or perhaps it’s something I had to lose…not sure, as I see myself as a more useful human being in this world when I can relax into living.

The not making a true choice in that area has repressed my everything else—my business, my creation, therefore life and living. Wow, what life could be if I could be living as me, living as by my choice in everything?

However, apparently talking to my angel on earth the other day, it turned out I had never made a true choice in that particular area of my life.

What are the places that you’re suffering from not making the true choice? Etitagwdaucita (The clearing statement)

Apparently, I have done it with mine for 10 years; my mind and body got really tired, and now… it might be too late as the surroundings seem to turn against it. I have to be ready to lose, or do I? What else is possible here that I haven’t considered?

If you can’t choose something, something that seems impossible at the time, then ask, What else can I choose here? What can I choose now to change that? What’s it is that I’m not aware of yet that I can choose?

Happy Fryyey! Tonight I am going to my first concert while living in the ‘countryside’:) Yey! And imagine: what would it be like when the people, circumstances, and energies started to come along/align with your true choice now? Just that one choice…

And here is the cleaned-up version, if you like!

We are afraid of making choices because they have to be definite. Remember when your parents asked in a stern voice, ‘strawberry or chocolate?’, and you’ve got frozen (like the ice cream you were asking for), you didn’t know what you had to say now? That’s where it’s already started.

There are people and some wonderful things that are definite, but not because they have to be, because we definitely choose them to be. Most things really aren’t. It’s a learned constraint to repress human nature and creativity. 


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Brainz Magazine

The song: The song reminds me of a time in my childhood when I was left home alone, usually with some chores to do or school homework. No one could stand my music choices, but now I could put the music as loud as possible, sing, and dance around the house! It’s been a long time since I could have music as loud as I wanted to. Hm, what would it take to change that without moving to the outback?:)

Ps. Brisbanelanders and Queenslanders, I completely missed out Teddy Swims concert tickets, so if you know anyone selling one, please let me know! Well, what are the chances? I most times go to concerts alone since I do not know anyone who has the same weird music taste as I do, buuut what else is possible? 🙂