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Celebrity Shelter: Concert Experience: Music, Emotion, and Venue Bliss at The Station

Photo: T-shirt stapled to the wall, that says: ‘One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.’ In The Station was awesome sound, it’s a great venue!



What the (…?!)…is this place I never been here before?! 😀 Who are you, people?

You guys are just so awesome! That’s what came out of the mouth of the band leader at the concert I went to last Friday.

The band was at the beginning like a sad/depressed version of Coldplay, but just towards the end, the ice was breaking, and dudes were absolutely immersed in the gratitude of a sea of committed fans at a place that they had no idea existed before that night. That is so so awesome to witness that! 💕

It always strikes me somehow to see them sad on the stage, as they definitely could and should be the opposites. They just should feed their happy instead of making themselves wrong. That’s putting it very shortly.

What amazes me the most is that artists have already done the hard part; they’ve come out to the world, shown their uniqueness, vulnerability (of course with exceptions) and even had crowds cheering for them, but they still make themselves wrong or unhappy 😔

Underlying stresses are wrongness and guilt and the things and feelings they bought into from other people, by being above average receptive. There is imposter-syndrome, hate, and anger, or when they are already on top then, the glass ceiling, they do not know what’s next, or think this is it, or that’s all that there is, which are all limiting beliefs. That’s where they start doing, trying what ‘normal mortals” do, and most times it doesn’t work for them. There are just no limits to creations of any kind, only our limiting minds. Like with everything in life without bringing awareness to it, happiness doesn’t last too long.

These people are out and public and actually showing others that you can be you!!!! That’s why we want them to be happy, because they really should be, and they inspire so many others!

Of course, it’s not easy to be you (a song started to play in my head) because who has done it in your family? Expressed fully who they are. They haven’t and think you should stick to the ‘follow the herd idea’, not to be too much or be any different from the crowds. You are different anyway, so isn’t it better to embrace you then? What would it be like to embrace your difference? … instead of judging it!

Many do not need a push or direction; many need the space the space to be who they are, from where their creativity can arise and come to life. 

Follow-up from the previous post: Have you made your true choice yet? Once you do, you’ll get it. I have probably heard D. Heer talking about it for years and got it just recently. Perhaps go back and read some of the posts and see if you receive them differently the second or third time.

Have the most amazing day today! I went for a run this morning!?! Whatever :), I do not know how that happened but I took the most amazing photo while doing it! It will be on FB.

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Here is a song; if there’s only one thing to say to men as advice, that would be it. Could it be any easier than that?:) A lot of wisdom behind these words. Brilliant lyrics! I heard this artist about a year ago when a world-famous Australian posted a clip of the concert on his Instagram, and I thought I had to look it up. I did, with a delay, a year or so later, lol, I didn’t have to disappoint.