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Relationships: different connections Twin Flames, Soulmates, and Karmic

Love connections

Photo: Heart on my walkway. Since the move to the new place, there has been adjusting time, although one of my favourite things ever is setting up a new home.💚


Since relationship topics are always the most popular and there’s a lot of idealism created around twin flame connections, it is refreshing to listen to her point of view (see the link below).

She also talks about lots of unpopular topics; have a look if you’re brave enough. I am not there yet to talk about these things, but I will be, and much more in depth, which actually gives you an understanding of where healing starts. My clients already know how it works; I give them specific perspective according to their life situation, or, should I say, I am the space where they realise…

To the topic: Most relationships are karmic, which means ‘doing’ the tasks together instead of creating from being into this world. Overcome life’s challenges together, creating material success and learning through them, or raising children together, and then there is a twin flame connection that, after listening to that, doesn’t really sound desirable, although it’s just one point of view.

However, twin flames coming together create into this world so much more and on another level than other connections. Creating from the Space of Love not responsibilities or needs and neediness.

I hope it contributes: There is a lot of truth in it, and still take only what resonates.

Next post: Why Did I Start Finding Alternative Ways for Everything? I will illustrate it with examples from my life, it will save me from talking about it to my clients next time.